Here’s why IT’S OKAY to let him know you love him

Tell him you love him

The society has made us feel that it must be the men, and if not, it won’t be magical. That we must be taken on dates first for it to be. That if we tell a guy we crushed on them first then it would show desperation.

I know the feeling of loving someone and not letting them know. And yes I’m a woman, but I’ll always be ready to make that first move if need there be.

Its not a sin to love someone at a sight. To have them in mind every second in your life, let alone tossing and turning on your bed every night because you can’t sleep; because of them.

Just let them know, it doesn’t hurt.

Well the results might hurt, but hey, you poured out your heart.

It might hurt when maybe you find out that he has someone else, someone so perfect that can’t be dropped for you. Or maybe if he isn’t interested. Sometimes it would end up being something so beautiful you’d forever be thankful for making that move.

In most cases we helplessly can’t make that move because maybe we’re shy and also for the pessimistic fear of rejection. For the shy ones, you can get him through a friend, your friend or his friend. Any can do. You can tell your friend about it and he or she can approach him on your behalf. Just make sure you trust the friend because some beautiful endings could also be betrayal too.

If you die, you die!

If you find his friend, the better. Only that he can exaggerate your interests to desperation.

For the fear of rejection, you just have to console yourself that you shot your shot. If it was meant to be yours, it would definitely be yours.

Also, it is very fine to treat your guy. Take him on dates, spoil him once in a while. It should not look like a woman is an investment to a man. It should also never be that some things are meant just to be done by men. Go for him if you like him, tell him you crushed on him first and you haven’t been having enough sleep because of him. Play the dating prowess. If you die, you die; but at least you tried.

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