Here’s why s3x is Important in a Relationship

The question as to whether a relationship can thrive without sex is up for debate and you will hear as many answers as possible. That is usually a personal choice that you and your partner have to agree on before making it. However, if you want some motivation, here are some top-of-the-head reasons why sex is a very important ingredient in a relationship.

1. Sex Strengthens your Connection

The closeness created and experienced during sex strengthens emotional connection, bond, and commitment. It maintains a healthy level of intimacy, love, and belongingness, which human beings need naturally as per Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Sex can strengthen a relationship by maintaining the “spark.”. Without it, it’s easy to lose sight of your connection. Relationships and a healthy sex life take constant work. You have to check in with each other and take the temperature of your relationship on a regular basis.

2. Good Sex Breeds Intimacy.

Intimacy takes time to grow and develop in a long-term relationship. It is about establishing trust and building a bond with your partner. Through living so closely together, partners can get to truly know the other. It requires us to set ourselves bare and be vulnerable, to allow our partner to see us as we truly are. Orgasms release oxytocin, the feel-good bonding hormone in your body. Sex helps you feel closer to your partner. It is the most intimate physical act you and your partner can experience.

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3. Sex Reminds us what we mean to each other

This is particularly important for people in long-term relationships and it is usually referred to as maintenance sex. In long-term relationships, it’s important to have sex even if you’re not necessarily randy. Maintenance sex shouldn’t be the only kind of sex you’re having, but it should absolutely be on the menu. Having maintenance sex will remind both of you what you mean to each other. Always take an opportunity to work sex into your schedule. The more you have it, the happier you’ll be.

4. Sex Brings back the Loving Mind-set

Having sex, feeling your partner on top of you, the scent of his or her skin, brings you back into that loving mind-set. Don’t skip out on it just because you’re tired from work and would rather watch television. Both partners need to be willing to show up for each other and put in the effort. Everyone in a relationship deserves to feel sexy, safe, and happy. Have sex and make a commitment to keep having sex through all of life’s changes, ups, and downs.

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