Here’s why the Start of a New Semester is the MOST DANGEROUS

The first week and subsequent few weeks at the start of a new semester is always exciting as students meet new friends, attend Freshers’ bash and other fun-filled activities before the classes begin.

However, this are also the most dangerous period of campus life especially for Freshers and Sophomore students as this is the time when a majority of rapes and other indulgences that result in regrets later on occur.

For freshman, the first few days of the semester pose the most danger as they are in a new environment without the protection of their parents; yet with the excitement of being “free at last” from their parents’ control.

When Freshers report on campus, they often have no clue regarding the potentially risky situations they get involved in, and they may not have a group of friends yet to look out for them.

They are welcomed with Freshers’ Night, which is often littered with the  kind of male student who commits sexual assault and who are likely to prey on the younger students, viewing them as easier targets.

The outcomes of this are usually unpleasant with rape cases, pregnancies, and infections including HIV/AIDS which often shutter the dreams of many campus ladies.

However, as campus ladies, we can resolve to be each others’ keepers and help each other overcome the dangers of the first few weeks of campus in the following ways:

  • When going out with new friends or roommates, keep tabs on each other and make sure that no one gets wasted or goes off alone with a guy you do not know
  • If you must drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks), keep the drinks to a minimum and in case you leave your drink unattended, toss it out the moment you return because you will never know how someone spiked it with a drug!
  • Download a safety app. There are several safety applications that you can download that will send out an alert every time you are in danger.
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