Here’s why you might see a on-piece Swimsuit Emoji

How often do you use the bikini emoji in your WhatsApp and other online conversations? Would you fancy a one-piece swimsuit over the two-piece bikini emoji?

Well, two women feel that the two-piece bikini emoji is not representing the wishes of all women with smartphones.

Florie Hutchinson and Jennifer Lee believe that “not every women or girl wants to wear one (bikinis), and they should have the ability to make another choice.

The two women want to offer another, less sexualized, option to users who may not feel that the Barbie-wardrobe two-piece really communicates who they are or what they want to say.

Or is the most relevant choice in the current cultural climate.

“We wanted something very basic so that it would read microscopically,” Ms. Hutchinson said.

The style of the suit — thigh-cut legs, round neck — is more sporty than sexy, and the curves of the theoretical body beneath less Playboy than those implied by the bikini.

The one-piece is designed to appeal to those for whom swimming, or the pool and the beach, is more about activity than, say, hooking up, or who identify with strength and functionality (or discretion) more than seduction.

The two hope that their proposal is adopted by the Unicode Consortium.

If it does, you will soon have a one-piece swimsuit emoji standing side by side with the bikini emoji on your emoji pad.

In fact, the swimsuit emoji has been shortlisted for inclusion in the 2019 lexicon and is awaiting a verdict.

Divided opinion on the Swimsuit emoji

However, public opinion on the introduction of the swimsuit emoji is still divided.

Some emoji users have expressed skepticism about the need for an additional swimsuit.

Until 2016, the only roles you could play as a woman were princess, bride, dancer and Playboy bunny.

That has changed now. There are more than 2,500 different emojis currently available, with more being added each year.

Though the wardrobe options are still relatively limited and notably retrograde, especially for women.

Of note: Up for inclusion in 2019, along with the maillot, is a sari.




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