Here’s why you should never be afraid to love

Afraid to Love

I just hope this reaches many people across the world because we all need to understand that we should never be afraid to love.

Dear Ladies, Don’t be afraid to love…

Some of these men that approach you are just having pure intentions. Not every guy that approaches you has bad intentions. In fact, it all depends on your first impression and how you take care of yourself too.

The first impression you create when you meet a guy, or when a guy approaches you, determines the way you two will end up in the future. If you express yourself as just a girl who depends on men to do everything for her, trust me even a friendship with this guy will not last for long.

Here’s a secret, men are turned on by independent women. Regardless of how poor or unstable you are financially, try to manage things. Showing effort and trying to manage things and getting things done is definitely a turn on. A guy wont hesitate to invest in you because he knows that you will give him a strong family, and the future is secured.

Lets not beat around the bush, we ain’t getting any younger and we all need to get to the next stage of life. That means that we have to be serious with whatever we have now. Get serious with studies, with relationships, with life, try to make your future for yourself.

You are not always going to live in your parent’s house, you will have to move out one day. You therefore have to start getting independent early. Learn the world’s tricks, failures are not to make you weaker but stronger for the next difficult task.Most importantly, don’t be afraid to love.

Now, Dear Men…

When you don’t have feels for a woman, don’t play with their heart. It’s not a toy (girls too shouldn’t do the same). I am sure that your parents most of all, mothers, never raised you to be a guy who would just toss women’s hearts around like a ball and expect to be respected.

Remember, karma exists and you don’t have to watch your daughter one day crying over a guy who did the same as you used to do back in your younger days.

Respect women because that is where you came from. A woman raised you, took care of you, turned you into the man you are. Therefore, if you don’t feel any affection for the lady you are getting sexually involved with anymore, tell her the truth. Don’t let her watch you getting distant and seeing other people behind her back, it hurts.

This goes for both ways too. It’s better for the truth to be out, stop hurting each other’s feelings. It will bring you nothing but insecurities and fear and diseases and even death.

Love is a beautiful thing, and people should not fear falling in love. At some point, it’s gonna get hard, but you will always pull through. No one said love will ever be easy, it’s just about being able to find someone who is worth the hurt.

I’m out!

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