How Campus Ladies become Mothers to a Fatherless Children

Unfortunately, that’s the situation many girls are facing out of fate.

Fate is something no one can understand. It takes you places you’ve never dreamt of stepping in life. We all grow having wishes and raising children with a dad is one of them to many. But it is not always the story!

Life is a sad reality itself. One you wake up to and wish death. I have seen women suffer, some because of their ignorance and others love. Love is one thing that has caused too much pain. It has destroyed and left desperate hearts killing dreams.

Recently I met a lady in her mid-twenties. Kind enough to let me into her life. However messy, she’s a strong gem I can tell.

Hers started like any other love relationship. Happy and all rounded. Something she calls past tense today. After two years of dating she found herself paged. At first she thought it was a life-changing moment. The feeling of them having a baby was real and couldn’t wait to let know the fiancee. Her joy wasn’t something the man could buy.

Of all the things you don’t surprise a man with a baby! Hell NO! The man of her life changed into a chameleon with mixed colors and a rainbow befits well. In her words, they had no plans of getting a child, it only came as a surprise. The man felt cheated and trapped. As if the lady had an intention of blinding him.

Though this wasn’t the case it was hard to convince an already decided man that it was an accident like any other. He could hear none of that. He convinced her to abort or chose him or keeping the child. At first, she almost gave in. You see love is so blind. But it did not take the best of her.

After a long personal conversation, she opted to keep though not 100% decided she wanted a baby. This marked the end of a beginning life. The baby is now big and biggest joy in her life. Though she has no hopes of tracing or seeing the dad again she tries so hard to raise a responsible girl. One that will fit in the society despite. She’s convinced the man was nothing but a donor that took advantage of her naivety.

This is just one story among many. I don’t want to drift my attention one way. In this case, I prefer to stand on a weighing machine 50-50 balance. I know women can go to any heights even if it means climbing trees to keep a man they want. And getting pregnant is one of them! Not aware of the outcome. I mean does it make sense trapping a man with pregnancy? You can hardly keep a man who’s not willing to be kept.

Another thing is committing yourself to a relationship with a man you cannot trace. You don’t know where he comes from. Not even a single family member and once you break up it’s over forever. You can’t even tell your daughter/son where daddy lives. And at this point, many children grow knowing the dad was knocked by a lorry.

There’s nothing that hurts a woman like raising a fatherless child, one you cannot even call for your child to hear at least a voice.

On the other hand, the boy child campaign has been going rounds. Can their president tell us where this breed is classified? I mean how do you leave a woman pregnant and never bother again? We have single mothers with a good relationship with their children’s dad which shows responsibility and the will even if it means things did not work out for the parents.

This is one hard situation that no one wishes to find herself in. I’d rather we part out of other differences but not an innocent soul. It’s not easy being a mother to a fatherless child one considered only a sperm donor just like rape!

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