How different ladies spend their weekend on campus

Weekend on campus

There’s no time that is usually waited for with anxiety and psych like the weekend on campus. The weekend is the time we all get to unwind and do things we enjoy doing but don’t get time to do during weekdays. Weekdays are full of classes, assignments, group work and more classes.

We are always on our toes over the week and the little time we get is used to take meals. The comrades’ diet made of beans and ‘chapati’ or rice and cabbages reign supreme. Friday marks the start of the weekend and if often looked forward to because it’s a party day!

Weekend on Campus for Different Campus Ladies

On Friday evening, campus ladies will always be spotted; dressed in three categories and heading towards three different directions.

The Fashionistas

The first group accounts for the highest number of the ladies and spend their weekend on campus attending parties or out. They are usually dressed in clothes that look like the ones we used to wait for during Christmas as kids.The only difference is that the dresses are not long and big like those we used to wear. They are instead hardly reaching the knees and are very tight.

Those with trousers have them looking like they have just survived a vicious attack by rats. To them, those are rugged trousers and are highly fashionable. The shorts they wear are also too short to be called shorts since they’re more of lingerie than shots… call them booty shots.

The Casual-wear Ladies

The second group is made up of ladies donning their normal casual clothes. There weekend on campus is not as eventful. Most of them have backpacks or shopping bags and slippers or rubber shoes on their feet. You will see this group near market places, hotels, cafeterias and supermarkets.

They are often seen as formless because they’re usually either on their way to buy food or on their way back to their rooms with food in their bags or rather, full bellies.You will always see them in groups of three or five walking slowly and telling stories loudly.

The Religious Ladies

The last group is usually the smallest. Ladies in this group are always in a rush and with very serious faces. They are usually in long dresses or skirts that are very decent. The male version is usually dressed in crisp white shirts, well polished shoes and we’ll ironed trousers.

This is the group that have their ‘party’ every Friday night in Church as a way to start their weekend on campus. It is the only group that looks forward to the weekend so that they can spend it in worship and praise.

Campus Ladies at Risk

The first group is always often at risk on campus. This is because in most cases, most of those who attend parties do so as a result of peer influence. Peer influence is the biggest monster in campus because it ends up ruining even the best of all characters. The worst thing is that those influenced end up worse than the influencers.They end up being more addicted to immorality,drugs and theft among other ills.

Therefore, as we begin our weekend, are you going to do something of value? Or will you just do wrong because your friends are doing it too? As much as weekends are meant for relaxing, you should do it in a healthy way. Do not do anything you will regret later. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

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