How does a modern woman look like?

Modern Woman

The question on the true definition of a modern woman grows more fierce and terrifying the more I survey the 21st century Woman.

It would be easy to say that the modern woman is all business and dominates the boardroom. It would be easy to say that she has beaten the myths of the old world and embraced the tigress of the new world. That would be easy.

Truth be told her way is still murky and highly unknown. It is barricaded by loopholes in the law and regimes that refuse to step out of the dark ages.

She is stifled by religion and bound by the emotional blackmail of her peers and the male figures in her life. When all fails, the default for African women is to go back to the old ways, the way our mothers and their mothers followed — acceptance.

The emergence of the modern woman

However, the emergence of the modern woman is both accidental and purposed. It is an unorganized movement united by a simple cause — to be all that they can be. This resurgence and affirmation has swept through the continent and everyone is taking notice. Everyone is making room for the quiet intensities and the exhilarating expression that is the modern woman.

The woman that we see now is unshackled by the burdens of the women that came before her. She understands the sacrifices of those who came before her but refuses to inherent their prisons. She is much darker and unabashed, unapologetic about sexuality and has no time for coyness. For her, sex is not a tool to be used in a game of chance or daring, but a factor of life and a source of pleasure.

The Modern Woman is debunking the myths that boxes her into one corner of a world that is far too big to only be one thing. She preaches self-love, calculates her career path factoring in a husband and children. This woman supports her man and expects him to support her, emotionally and mentally. She actively contributes to household income and sometimes makes more money.

The modern woman plays a dangerous game of careful and calculated chess, where partnerships and strategic alliances guide her path. The modern Woman looks like whoever and whatever she wants to look like, the person who is the most comfortable for her to be. She doesn’t seek self affirmation but endeavors to standout in her own way.

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