How I Got Hooked to Sex: The Story of A Campus Lady

Sex Addition on Campus

By Nicole Ondisa

“Just this once princess, I promise it won’t hurt. You will surely like it.” He said as he unbuttoned my blue chiffon blouse. I was just a first year student and I had no idea of what I was getting myself into. He was enchanting, funny, charming and handsome. Every time I looked at him I got a chill running down my spine, not out of fear, no, it was out of joy. No words could explain how much I loved him.

“No,” I said, looking deeply into his eyes.

“Don’t be shy Hun.” He said grinning.

“Okay,” I said “just this once.”

Then the worst happened, I had destroyed the flower I vowed to protect till I made my vows to my future husband. I felt ashamed and misused. I didn’t know what to do next. I looked at him as he lay satisfied in bed. I hated him, I didn’t want him anymore, he took advantage of me.

“I’m late for my afternoon class, please leave.” Jack said as he lend me my clothes.


Sex Addition on Campus
Sex Addition is a real menace in campuses. It is sparked by experiences beyond our control.

“What do you mean Jack, I thought for a moment we had a great time,” I replied as tears rolled down my cheeks. I did not believe that he had just thrown me out. I dressed heavy heartedly as thinking of what to do next, how to get my revenge. I had been thrown out like a random girl. I had never felt so humiliated in my life before. As I walked out of the Rawa hostels down the crowded hallway I had a strategy planned already. “I have to get revenge.” I said to myself as I wept bitterly. I decided that I would objectify men, as I was objectified and used. I didn’t think of the consequences, I just wanted to get even. I made a plan in my head and vowed to go by the plan.

It started off as a plot for revenge but as time passed, it became worse. A couple of guys from my class came over and it was just ‘fun’ as we called. I misused them just as I had fallen victim once, little did I know that I was just messing myself up even more. After a month, I could barely count the number of men I had slept with. I could not go a day without having sex; it didn’t bother me much because I knew how to lure men to my bed. I thought that it will fade with time and my thirst for revenge would be quenched.


Four months down the road and every guy in my school avoided me like plague, that is when I realized that it became a problem. I could concentrate on my studies no more. All I thought about was sex, which I was not getting at the moment. I had to substitute for what I was not getting. This led to countless hours of masturbation. It really took most of my time and I had no time for my books. My grades dropped terribly as time went by but I was not ready to admit that I had a problem yet. I had no friends because of my behavior but I did not mind it, as long as I was getting what I wanted.

Just a week ago, I picked up a brochure about sex addiction and how to get over it. I had to accept that I had a problem in order to face my fears. Old habits die hard, I know but I had to do something about my sex life which had ruined my social life already. I enrolled at the Ender’s Rehabilitation Centre. I’m currently in my first month trying to curb my addiction, I believe that with commitment and willingness, I will get back my social life and work on my grades to achieve my goals in life.

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