How Life Changes When You Join the University

The Campus Lady Magazine

By Inviolata Wesonga.

I will use my own life experience in campus that will assist you learn one or two. I will borrow some examples of what my friends used to do.

I was done with high school and feeling all grown up now knowing there is no more putting on of uniform, no more rules to follow meaning Total freedom to myself. It was adieus child life and hello adulthood.

Time flies and homes life was a bit uncomfortable. Campus life is what had filled my mind. Campus life meant new relationships, no classes, free marks, lots and lots of men, flowing money, and finally alcohol and parties, the pursuit of computer studies, fashion etc. campus was everything

The only time I was to Kisumu city was in class six during the high school visit to Kisumu international airport. I wanted to make a revisit and fully on my own.


Finally, the D-day arrived and I was up by 4 am to prepare. With the anxiety and excitement, I prepared hurriedly and by 5. 30Am. I was out to school. I wanted to get my room early enough, make friends and then experience campus life as it is said.

First day in campus was definitely my life changing moment. I was so excited to be joining campus, though the queues to register and what not were the longest I’d ever seen.

The Campus Lady Magazine
Model: Lave Ogol || Not everything everybody does is good. Let university shape you into an intellect, socially, morally, in decision making, critical thinking. Let us choose wisely.

My room was made up of a double decker bed, a mattress, and a table on one corner, a wardrobe, and two chairs then finally, all I added was my suitcase on the other corner. I was so worn out and all I wanted was no rest. Sad life!! As I was saying, I did not know anyone in Kisumu and I had nothing to keep me busy and I thought I had been left to die alone. At least my phone was internet enabled and had like 5 songs which kept me company till around 9 when I slept due to boredom.

In the morning, I expected an alarm but nothing was coming forth. I had to check on my long list of the two weeks event which had array activities of orientation with university facilities’, lecturers and finally tea with the University CEO, commonly known as Vice chancellor.

My first day at the university began officially with library visitation and the week drooled along with the messages of caution from every speaker until I wondered whether it was a prison or school.

I was able to tell what the next speaker was going to say every time they stood to speak. Long skirts, vitenges and wrap skirts were the dress codes among the female students while the male were in suits and smart casual wears.

After other students began flocking in, that’s when drastic changes began. Handshakes were replaced with a five minute intimate hugs and slight pecks from all genders. Surprise! A new room mate finally came in. Juliet, a third year student, who definitely criticized all my wears and enticed me into a bit knee high skirts and 4 inch shoes , tights, stockings, bare backs , among others new fashions thronged my wardrobe. Home theater system, television set, iron box, among other things. She had to take a section of my wardrobe since hers and the two suitcases were full. I wondered how any sane woman could have all that.

She dragged her boyfriend into the room and finally it became a three roomed house with me as the spectator of love making. My free times were packed with hiking on Saturdays, birthday parties, dancing at Kisumu, Signature club, where I began meeting plus 50 old men…

My life took a wrong turn. Since I was out of the room most of the time, due to presence of another gender in the room, I had to look for friends. Numerous crushes. I think I lead the list of the highest number of boys I crushed on. And when they responded I was the happiest for the one week or two that it lasted. We went for clubs. Wining and drinking all the stuff. Remember the first time things are the best. I remember I took one or two puffs that send me into hospital for two days which marked its end.

I learnt a lot from some of my senior students which led to my rebirth. I had to put my life straight lest I contract HIV/AIDS, STDs, Pregnancy or Retakes in the exam. My life was taking a wrong lane and I was to revert it and think. Therefore, I dropped many friends I used to party with and joined catholic choir, joined ACU club, Peer Counselling among other things that kept me busy.

Not everything everybody does is good. Let university shape you into an intellect, socially, morally, in decision making, critical thinking. Let us choose wisely.


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