How life transitions for the “good girls” once on campus

Good girls on campus

In the Traditional African Societies, pregnancy before marriage was considered a great taboo that was greatly punishable. This however continued to change as the world continued to be ‘civilized’. Unlike our traditional beliefs, nowadays it’s normal for a fourteen-year old to drop out of school due to pregnancy.

Those who are lucky to complete their primary school and high school education without any pregnancy cases usually end up at risk when they join campus. When you carry out a research, you will sure find out that these girls have strict parents who are mostly religious.

These girls are usually ‘blinded’ by their religious beliefs and parental protection and end up focusing on their studies, lives and future.They are good performers who are very innocent and are not easily distracted. They are usually the joy of their parents but the envy of other people whose daughters and relatives are victims of early pregnancy and marriages.

The story rather gets different when these innocent girls join campus where there are all sorts of absurdity and weirdness. For the first time in their lives, they end up living in a place that has no rules. A place where boys and girls mix freely, hold hands in public, smoke, drink and do all sorts of strange activities freely.

The innocent girls find this so weird but since they were never told about what to except and how to live in such a world, they have no idea what to do. Consequently, they end up beginning to take advantage of the freedom that feels better than the strictness of their parents and religious beliefs.

When they are approached by members of the opposite sex, they get so confused since this is something they had never experienced before.They ‘fall in love’ and spend most of their time together.Their ‘lovers’ introduce them to alcoholism and immorality and though they know it’s wrong, they do it ‘for love’ because to them, love is blind. What they do not know is to differentiate between love and lust… between being loved and being used. They have sexual intercourse with these guys in the name of ‘love’.

When their menstrual cycle is interfered with and they do not see their periods in two weeks,they start getting worried.Then they wake up one morning with nausea and vomit a lot. They then start feeling choosy in terms of food in that, they do not even want to smell some or even see them with their eyes. When their breasts start feeling tender and they visit the toilet regularly to urinate,they decide to go to hospital for a medical check-up and the results obviously shock them.

They go back feeling worried and sad because their parents will obviously be mad at them and even send them away.The story gets even worse and more complicated when their so-called lovers reject the pregnancy and even break up with them.Since they are afraid to become mothers at such tender ages, their friends who are ahead of them in terms of age and year of study then take them to those backdoor doctors who help them to ‘flush’ it out without caring about the endangered of their lives.

After this first experience,they become withdrawn and just before the end of a week or two,they find other ‘soulmates’ who help them heal and who are more ‘caring’ because they encourage them to use contraceptives in order to avoid getting pregnant again.This makes them give in and end up having unprotected sex not just once or twice but regularly.Four months later, they start feeling weird;they feel weak,their skin develop rushes and their immunity weakens When the doctor decides to check their HIV status,it turns out positive and that is when the world finally turns upside down.

As much as our parents were strict during our childhood,we should never allow some things to happen to us.There is nothing worse than suffering because of mistakes we could have avoided.Wherever we go,let us choose our friends wisely;those friends who are humble and God fearing.Those who do not pretend to be what they are not.Be warned,AIDS is real and it kills.Those contraceptives you are using now may weaken your uterus or even interfere with your fertility.Decide the kind of life you want tomorrow before it’s too late.

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