How to Intelligently Spend on Devices as A Student

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Mobile phones are flashy and like our television sets, they have undergone a metamorphosis like no other. Most of the millennials grew up playing the snake game that was in Nokia in the early 2000s.

A few years on, smartphones are all over the place. If you don’t have one, you are a kabambe user for the uptown kids and mulika mwizi for wenye hawajachanuka.

The internet in this era is a basic need. We are all losing it wanting to have fantastic online lives while in person we are as dormant as cow dung.

More and more people are experiencing FOBO (Fear Of Being Offline) every day, a majority being the youth.

Electronic companies have used this as their way of making more money. Each week, different brands are competing with each other on the sales.

You have to own the latest model else you are not proceeding. The features are better and improved. Ideally, you feel inclined to replace your 5mp front camera for the 8mp. Your friends will love you during selfie time.

Of all the phones to buy, the iSomething (read iPhone) turns heads, people respect you. It introduces you as a money person. If you can afford it then what can’t you do? An apple a day…

In the same spirit, it is everyone’s dream phone. Me nataka iPhone. Next year lazima nibuy iPhone (not my words).

We are in the Psychology of Personality class one late afternoon.

The classic iPhone tune sounds. Every phone has it’s own you know, remember the Nokia one? It’s loud. The whole class goes silent. Heads turn (I told you) and the owner doesn’t bother to put it on silent. He lets it ring to the end.

We all started laughing. Our lecturer had announced one needed to press the silencing button, in case they didn’t know how to use it. We went on with the class only for the tune to go again. Ugh.

The iPhone user happened to have been sitting behind me. All eyes were now piercing him. Like the first time, he let it ring. People started murmuring. Those sitting next to him asked him to switch it off.

He pulled it out. I have seen iPhones and for sure what he was holding in his hands, wasn’t one. The truth spread in the class like a wildfire. Within seconds, people were laughing uncontrollably. Even the lecturer couldn’t help herself.

In one swift move, he swept his books and ran out. The uproar was more than anyone could take, it left him feeling humiliated in a bid to display ‘class’.

I was left wondering to what heights young people would scale to leave an impression amongst themselves.

This chap clearly wanted to tell the world he owned the iSomething model. Or maybe, he has set the tone to keep reminding him of his dream phone, sounds valid?

Most claim that having a ‘good’ phone is an investment. Mmh…and how are the returns coming?

The 20s is the age to save. Put aside a little of that money you irresistibly spend on things that can wait. Those you ‘floss’ for might not give a hoot a week after the new phone makes its entrance into your life.

Avoid impulse buying. You might end up being financially trapped due to peer influence. Why purchase an expensive phone yet you can hardly afford a decent pair of shoes?

Stop worshipping extravagance.

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