How to know its a “situationship” and not a relationship

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A situationship is just like a normal relationship, only that it is not considered much as a “relationship”. Confusing, right?!

First, a normal relationship is based on love and these two people involved automatically become one. A situationship, is where two people are together but one or both of them ain’t sure that they are ready to do this. Well, to break it down a bit, here are to 5 ways to know its a situationship and not a relationship.

1.Have you “DTR” (defined the relationship)?

You two might be texting or calling each other frequently, you go on dates, spend at each other’s place, but have you known the basis of all these? You need to clarify if you two are just doing this for the sake or you want to get somewhere with it. Dating past a year without clarification of engagement is a situation. Research says a serious relationship can be seen as early as the first six months into dating, any delay past that is a situationship.

2. You just “like” each other.

Liking someone is not loving someone. For instance, you can like him because he buys you gifts every time, he is good in bed or maybe because he is extra-good looking. But you will love him if he cares a little more, treats you right and only if you feel a little something when you are with him. In a situationship, you guys just stick around because of the satisfaction you draw from the “relationship” and no deep connection at all

3. No future plans.

In a relationship, both parties must know “what next”. Are we getting married or having our first child in a year? It’, they can even be professional plans. If there are no future plans at all, that means you guys are living in the moment and doesn’t see yourselves in the future.

4.There are no signs that you two are dating.

No one knows you two are together; not that you hide your relationship, you just don’t make efforts to make it public. The moment you find the right person, you won’t hesitate to let people know he is the one, but if he isn’t the one you’ll not bother to make it public. This means you two are together just to pass time and no commitments.

5. Does he know you enough?

He doesn’t have to know your favorite colors, boys are color-blind. But he must know that you prefer coffee to tea, that you are allergic to roses and that you prefer indoor stay overs rather than dates. He must know your birthday and any other special day in your life. If he doesn’t know you enough it must be that he does not care and you are just in a situation here.

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Well, situationships are not that bad. In fact they are perfect when both parties are aware of them because of the undesired commitments that might come along. Also, heartbreaks bud from a party not being aware of the situationship and it’s better to be honest in a relationship and clarify earlier to avoid hurting others.

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