Importance of networking events for campus students

Her Seminar 2019 Networking Events

There is a common saying that goes something like your network is your net-worth. This saying is often truer to campus students after graduating. This is the time you will know that networking events such as the oncoming Her Seminar is a lifeline that every campus lady should hold onto while on campus.

At the end of every school year, we are all filled with excitement about who is graduating and how close we are to graduating ourselves. Those graduating are on the other hand filled with a mixture of excitement, fear and uncertainty about their future.

By the time you are graduating, you’re competing with millions of recent grads, all frantic to find some kind of handhold in this thing called “real life”. Two weeks after graduation, the reality is that every relative will be back to their real lives. Even those uncles who asked you to send your papers will not be answering your texts or phone calls. That’s when reality will hit you hard!

Networking Events ease life after campus

However, life after campus should not be as stressful, especially if you have prepared yourself adequately for it. I believe the time to start thinking about life after graduation is now! Whether you are in First Year or Final Year, you are not late. Networking events give you an opportunity to see and experience the real life while still under the protection of campus.

Inferiority complex is a common feeling on campus because we often feel like no one would be interested in our thoughts, talents, or problems. Therefore, we often do very little to reach out to people in fields we’re interested in until we’re done with campus. This means that we only reach out when actively looking for work – and by then, it’s too late.

Start making connections as early as you can. Email people in fields you’re interested in. You email only to say “I read your book and it really had an impact on me” or “I really like what your company is doing with X”. Join professional organizations – most offer low-priced student memberships – and attend conferences and seminars. Join or create groups on campus devoted to topics that interest you.

In most cases, you’ll find that people are more than willing to lend a hand to a bright student. It’s flattering to be recognized for what you’re accomplishing, no matter what the source. It feels good to know you’re helping someone set out on the right path. There are exceptions, of course, but few enough that you can always move on to the next person.

See you at HER SEMINAR on 8th November 2019 from 2:00pm and let us network and grow our connections!

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