Important Lessons Every Fresher Must Learn

There are those things that we place on our bucket list upon joining university. The things that we must do before graduating. Each bucket list is as different and as dynamic as the author. From those who want to get into a serious relationship, to those who want to finally enjoy their freedom away from their parents. From those who want to visit that scenic place in town to those who want to wine and dine with the mighty.

Campus Lady Magazine
The Campus Lady Magazine October Edition Cover

Fashion goals, relationships goals, entrepreneurial goals, academic goals, travel and adventure goals…you name them! That’s what is donning the pages of this month’s edition of The Campus Lady Magazine. We are talking about the #DiaryofACampusLady, the things that every campus lady ought to do before they complete their campus life.

Today, you will get a lot of campus ladies in their third or final years of study talking of ‘I wish someone told me about these stuff when I was joining campus’. This is the surest sound of regret of time lost. Time lost on things that didn’t matter, things that pivoted their lives for the worst.


After reading the October Edition of The Campus Lady Magazine, we are sure that every freshman on campus today will have a different view on life. They will understand the kind of life they are getting into as they join campus and will learn the secrets of success in this life that is infested by sharks and crocodiles alike.

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Enjoy this October and ensure that you go for cancer screening!


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