In Search for Greener Pastures: The Story of Lucy Shago

Lucy Shago

The story of Lucy Shago, also known as Elparaiso epitomizes the struggle many Kenyan’s face in their pursuit for greener pastures. But first, it is normal to finish your bachelor’s degree and go back to the village to hustle by doing odd jobs. Jobs that shouldn’t find their way into your hands considering your academic qualifications.

This is even worse with the ladies since most end up looking for greener pastures in every way possible. Some get married to rich but brutal men. Some end up doing immoral jobs like commercial sex because they are ashamed of becoming ‘mama mbogas’ with those degrees.

This however is not so intense as it depends on an individual’s personal choice. In fact, some of these campus female graduates seek for opportunities abroad due to the country’s unemployment status.

The Story of Lucy Shago

Lucy ShagoTake an example of Lucy Shago, a 29 year old Kenyan citizen from Kitale who was introduced to an international agency by a friend.This was after she had completed her primary school education at Dr Livingstone primary school and her high school education at Sunrise School. She had even gone to Unity College of Professional where she studied Hair and Beauty. I bet she was the happiest girl when she landed a job as a house help with a company in Iraq. Who wouldn’t be very happy?

When she finally traveled to Iraq in 2018, she knew her life and that of her parents would change. She was however dejected when everything she expected turned upside down. Lucy had initially been promised 300 dollars per month but on her arrival, she was informed that the price was too high. She was further expected to work for 15 hours everyday at a lower salary.

Furthermore, her accommodation, food and transportation weren’t catered for. As a result of the excess work, she could barely eat and sleep and so her health deteriorated. She decided to complain about this to that company but instead of helping her,they seized her passport and phone thus making it difficult for her to communicate or travel.

When Hell Broke Loose

When she felt this was too much,she left the company and all hell broke loose. Her boss accused her of stealing gold and money. He even went ahead to raise an alarm in all the social media platforms saying that she was a thief. This made her so scandalized and scared. Consequently, she deactivated her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She knew that if she didn’t seek immediate help, she’d end up in jail like most of her Kenyan colleagues and friends who had undergone the same.

Since there’s no embassy in Iraq, Lucy Shago went to the immigration offices where she shared her story. The people at the offices felt for her and offered to help by deporting her back to Kenya but since she had no passport,it couldn’t be possible. They therefore offered her five dollars and told her to look for a place to sleep and it was so late that she didn’t know where to go. She called her Kenyan agent who then denied having any knowledge about her existence and she was even more worried.

The Ray of Hope

Lucy Shago Elparaiso EntertainmentMs Shago went through hell but was finally lucky when she got a new company that was less brutal. She has worked there for fifteen days now and feels it’s better than her first company. She however wishes to come back home and also help her fellow Kenyan ladies who have undergone similar or even worse situations than hers in Iraq come home.

Her dream is to start up an entertainment unit in Kenya called Elparaiso. Her dream has always been to be able to manage artists and help solve the unemployment monster by nurturing young talents.This is a voice worth listening to, tears worth wiping. Let’s bring our sisters and daughters back home. Let’s join hands and stop this torment in silence.

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