INSPIRATION: Work on Your Future Today and you’ll Never Regret

If you have never hustled or tarmacked looking for a job ever since you held your ID then you have not experienced hardships.

Young people have the habit of quitting when overtaken by temporary defeat. If you don’t try it, how will you own it?

They say that education is the key to success, some work on books but their mind is in cooking, music or technology. We can’t blame them everybody has to work on his future, one way or another. You are the master of your fate, captain of your soul because you have the power to control your thoughts.

Every successful person out there has an accomplishment by the end of the day/month/year. But if all you do is party and sleepovers then am afraid for you.

Come to think of it, who wants to spend the rest of his life with a person who sleeps and doesn’t know how to work for a secure future? Nobody wants to associate with a lazy person as birds of the same feathers flock together.

Even if you are in love with a lazy person, are you going to eat love? Is love going to pay all your bills and still pay school fees?

Don’t cheat yourself that he will change, you don’t need another party to change your mindset, know what your feeding your mind and who are your friends, not everyone you see is pure and holy, even the devil goes to church.

Before you are successful it is a process. Stop looking for a partner. Focus on your goals, gaining knowledge, grow as a person financially and emotionally and seek God, only then the right person will find you.

Say ‘Amen’ deep inside if you know you are helping me be single and working on our goals.

Some haven’t mastered the art of reaping what you sow, Parents are there to secure your education and wait for their investment in your salary.

It’s not a coincidence finding a twenty-five year old still sleeping in his father’s house! At this age, you ought to be hustling for a real income and paying your rent and bills. I hear they are mama’s boy or daddy’s girl. No offense if you still don’t know how rent and bills are paid but it comes a time when we get tired of seeing your face at your parent’s house, saying that there are no high paying jobs.

You know they worked there butt off to build that house in your age, don’t let the devil deceive you, do something, create your own job, walk around and don’t choose jobs, God helps those who help themselves. Create your story.

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