Instagram College Communities set to connect students

Instagram College Communities

Instagram is one of the most innovative social media platforms ever.

Additionally, the platform continues to introduce new and innovative features for its users.

The platform now boasts of over 800 million users, and is giving Facebook and Twitter a run for their money.

College Communities is Instagram’s latest feature that is currently under test.

According to a CNBC report, the College Communities feature aims at encouraging students to connect with each other.

The students from the same university will be able to invite each other to an Instagram college community just like Facebook groups.

If you want to join the community, you have to select your university and graduating year.

This will enable you to have access to “class-based lists of other students who have opted into the community.

What to Expect as a Fresher joining Campus

By testing this new feature, Instagram seems to be on its way to take yet another leaf from another Social Media Giant’s book, this time Facebook, the mother of Social Media.

Facebook continues to be the leading Social Media platform with 79% of online adults using it versus merely 32% on Instagram according to a Pew Research Center study.

Another study shows that Instagram is the most popular online platform for teens after YouTube.

By introducing this new feature, Instagram may be making the perfect move to further engage its population of young Instagrammers.

A few glitches Instagram needs to address

However, like most new features, College Communities still has a long way to go.

Instagram does say that they are making sure that people can report inappropriate behavior.

Additionally, Instagram needs to ensure that students wishing to join the community are actual students.

They plan to do this by checking “information people have publicly shared about their university, the accounts they follow and other connections they have” but there are still glitches.

This feature by Instagram is a good move for university students in Kenya who use Instagram often.

We’ll continue to stay tuned to how things go as this new feature is tested.

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