International Women’s Day: Everyone must be included in the #PressforProgress

International Women's Day

For those who know any better, Women’s Day is not solely a women’s affair. Let the name not hinder anyone from patting themselves on the back for the far we have come in terms of bringing up the girls.

It is a journey that is still ongoing and which has taken contribution from everyone to bring us to where we currently stand. This is a fact that we cannot overlook as we mark this day.

It is said that if a woman is empowered then everyone in the society follows suit as it is safe in her hands. You must have also heard that behind every successful man is a great woman cheering him on.

What can we honestly achieve without our women? Mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, friends, colleagues, you name them. They consist of the backbone that hold everything together.

This year’s theme #PressforProgress recognized the gains made by women in all spheres be it educational, social, economic or political. This progress is meant to motivate pushing for utmost success in all.

We should all be committed to closing the gender gap that exists in the various activities we deal in. This way we are more likely to make a big impact by focusing on the simple things.

Open minds honored this day knowing clearly that embracing diversity is the key to improved performance. Men and women both bring a different perspective into things.

We are only stronger together. There is no such thing as a “wrong gender” as no status is static. Moving forward requires cooperation from everyone otherwise it will be a waste of energy.

The time is up for discrimination on basis of gender disparity. The importance of investing in women has been proved over the years and can no longer be ignored.

However, this is not to say that the boy has been abandoned. Measures are being put in place to ensure that each and every person is covered. A time will come when all these will be reflected as challenges in making of history.

Besides, a Do No Harm principle should be employed as both men and women cross over to the land that houses green pastures equally.

As the entire world comes together to celebrate this extremely significant day, let’s embrace change and support our women.

We hope that you all had a Happy Women’s Day and that you remembered to make merry. Everyday is a day to celebrate everyone.

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