IRENE KERUBO: Meet the Politician-cum-Fashion Model

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance in her third year at Kenyatta University, Nyamusi Irene Kerubo Nyakundi is a lady who wears many hats from politics to modelling. She tells us how she achieved these milestones while still a campus student.

As ambitious as she is, Irene saw that she has something to give back to her school. Her mission being to serve her fellow students. She dived into the campus politics. “It wasn’t easy. For one, my parents did not support me in my quest especially my dad. He has been involved in the running of campus administration for many years and knows how ugly the climate can get. Majority of my supporters were my friends and part of my extended family”.

Her competitor was a fourth year student with a good team and network. She had to up her game. She gathered her supporters and together they formed a strong campaign team. As part of expanding her network, she decided to incorporate two bloggers to reach out to the masses of her school.

“One of them took advantage of the situation by demanding a lot of cash to propel my cause. The other however, cooperated and agreed that I should only provide airtime and moral support. I took the deal and together we managed to mobilize voters on the election day.”

After the tallying of all votes, she emerged the winner. “Political strategies are a wide range as from A to Z. I attribute my victory to God who made my fellow students believe in me to vote me in. My parents are happy and even asking me to run for the women representative Kisii county.” (We both laugh).

Nyamusi Irene Kerubo Nyakundi She is however undecided on this move and wants to first serve her school and see where it takes her. From this experience she learnt to follow her vision despite what those close to her think. They will change their opinion if you trust and believe in You.

When she was younger, Irene used to imitate models on their home telly and wanted to become one. After joining campus, her friends persuaded her to join modelling as she had the trademark model look. She took up the challenge and on her first contest ever, emerged top 5.

“This boosted my esteem tenfolds after which I graced many other competitions to gain experience. I’m currently a professional model.”

Nyamusi was among the many beautiful young women who ran for the Face of Nivea. Although she didn’t emerge the overall winner, it is chances like these that build her profession.

Amongst other activities that she takes part in are hiking, singing, dancing, swimming and skating. She is also an artist. I was obviously stunned how one person could juggle all these balls to which she said, “24 hours a day of the 365 is awfully a lot of time to learn new things. Don’t let money be a hindrance, go beyond your limits. Establish networks that will grow you despite financial challenges.”

Come January, she is looking to get into Entrepreneurship and prosperity in the business world. 2018 is looking to be a great year for her as she is also working on establishing an all-inclusive Art Academy. This is in line with a dream that she has had for 9 years after being rejected by a school to nurture and explore her ability.

Did I mention she is also an advisor in various fields such as Fashion, Finance, Career and Planning. (I swallow hard). It’s hard not to start questioning your purpose when you meet a lady who is doing it.

“I look up to Milly Odhiambo, the Member of Parliament for Suna East as my role model. My mum has also been there for me throughout my journey. I appreciate her.”

Advice to young people?

“All you need is guidance. Invest in mentorship and counselling to get you started. Self discovery is a process not a concluded decision without a foundation. Spend your time wisely. Go for it”

Ladies and gentlemen, what are you doing with your life? Is it enough?

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