Is the Escort Business the New Trend in Kenyan Varsities?

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What comes to mind when you hear ‘escort’? Oxford Dictionary quotes, ‘accompany (someone/something) somewhere, especially for protection or security or mark of rank.’

Ironically, in this generation we live in it’s the opposite of what is quoted. ‘Escort’ is another way of earning money through selling of one’s body.

It’s rarely heard of because it’s one of the most shameful and embarrassing acts you could share even with your soul.

Effects don’t really matter, being able to pay your bills and fees is all that really cares, and no one is going to pay your bills without anything in exchange.

Many of them argue that till they find someone to fill their loneliness and accept them without their past, they won’t stop it to become poor.

“Securing employment might not meet your daily needs, am not saying working on respectable employment is not paying, but the expenses on your list are bigger than the salary offered, compared to escort business which can pay bills and save.” Their argument.

It’s not encouraging to get involved in this business neither am I persuading one to earn good and fast cash because most women who start it don’t leave healthy lives as they want to.

In everything they do there are consequences such as abortion, which may lead to infertility and divorces, pregnancy makes one not to finish her studies, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV which destroys ones career and health.

Most of them end up regretting the path they chose and tend to commit suicide due to shame and poor decision making.

It’s not worth it, you can stop it now and be a role model to womanhood and your siblings, and there are online and casual jobs to start with. Be someone to be looked up on not down on.

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