It is Just a Little Crazy Thing Called Love

Love is the most dangerous thing in the world. It can make or mess your entire life. Though not seen, it is just a feeling that rules the entire world. A feeling that has messed big people with household names.

You jump like a bungee with no safety line and within no time you find yourself in a hot pan. I see love as a dangerous undefined thing that threaten sanity with a mission to destory hearts.You can waste your entire life fighting for love, trying to prove a point and sad enough end up

You can waste your entire life fighting for love, trying to prove a point and sad enough end up losing the so very important person that you thought you were fighting for. Love has wasted a number of women, it is a mixture of pain and pressure.

I will tell you for free ‘A man’s level of excitement in love life is is when there is pursuit while that moment for a woman is only when the tittle changes from girlfriend to wife‘ The man’s hustle ends after laying down the woman, it is like that feeling after quenching thirst to them. You don’t fight for food after you are full!

I keep telling people not fall in love especially women. I warn you again! Let him love you first, it feels good to be loved than it is to love. ‘There is no Padded landing in falling in love’ You can easily fall on top of a rock.

We have too many lost lives I mean innocent lives that have disappeared with no trace. We cannot bear this anymore! The only solution to survive a heartbreak is not to fall in love. It is just but a scam.

One thing that can make me get married or want a man in that case is having a kid/kids but not for small things like sex or love. Love is just a myth or a belief. We all know sex and love do not cherish each other on a daily basis. There must be something more to it than that.

You can fall in and out of love anyhow, anytime with anyone unless there is a connection. The same way you keep growing love also keeps growing from place to another, from one person to another. It is diverse!

I therefore warn you to keep your eyes wide open else you fall in love.

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