KEN NJERU: What you are Missing Out in the March Edition of TCLM

The title of this magazine takes me back in time. Some years ago when I was in University. The grit, the drama, the endless hustle… After reading this magazine, I hope I get to experience what it means to be a girl through stories of phenomenal university ladies who have a way with words. I hope to understand their current situations, their struggles, their dreams and basically what it means to be in their shoes.

The releasing of the 10th edition of The Campus Lady magazine on 8th of March is a unique touch since the magazine seems to celebrate the campus girl. By the magazine release coinciding with International Women’s Day, this is thoughtful and purely genius.

The choice of red and black for font color on the front page catches my eye. I think it’s because these are my all time favorite colors. The design of the magazine reeks of class, professionalism, and attention to detail. Colors are well balanced which makes the magazine appealing to the reader. This also ensures that every text is legible primarily because of a careful choice of color in every page.

Rachel Juma tries to bring out what a relationship means to a career woman on the first article of the magazine. She talks about the numerous challenges these ‘modern women’ have, trying to balance work and love but I don’t think she brings out the true picture of what really happens when the attempts are made.

The call for registration of new models to grace the cover of the magazine on page 7 is a great way of bringing in diverse talent to the magazine cover, while at the same time creating opportunities for models to have their talent out there.

“It’s said that every career woman needs a wife…” this opening statement by Ruth Mwihaki on her article (page 8) confuses me for a moment. Reading through, I get to understand that she is equating a house help to a wife. This, from her own story (it seems), is a great way of celebrating these ladies who have never had a minute in the spotlight for a good reason.

Monica’s article on fashion is in touch with that which is happening in the real world and this is a great plus for the magazine because it touches on a subject that’s on every woman’s lips. It is well placed, researched and relevant.

Who doesn’t love a QnA session? This (on page 13) takes us deep into the life of Bochaberi, a third-year law student at Riara University, who is this edition’s cover girl. Ivy, through her article On her way to the Top, celebrates the role women have played towards uplifting the girl child. She quotes Margaret Thatcher and in as much as I am a man, I like the flow, the message and the point her article is driving at. As a girl, if you have a dream, don’t wait for the whistle, activate it!

Generally, the magazine is well thought out. With a two male writers in a pool of endless female ones, I think this is a plus for the magazine whose aim is to celebrate the campus lady and give her a platform to let her views and opinions known to the world.

All articles in the magazine address issues that are of critical importance to women and girls. In this age of SDGs where a whole goal (#SDG5) is directed towards uplifting the girl child and addressing issues that are of importance to women and girls, the magazine is unique. In addition to this, the magazine gives a unique preview of the way our young girls think and look at the world, which is a great step towards addressing issues that are of importance to them.

Don’t wait, get yourself a copy HERE NOW. You won’t regret it.

Ken Njeru is a Lifestyle Writer at Ken Musings

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