Kenyan Campus Ladies and the Fake Hair Craze!!

For those who went to girls’ high schools, they know how easy it was identifying someone from the back. This was because of the pushback or keep-it-short hairstyle most of the schools advocated for. In varsity, you would pass 10 friends as everyone is wearing the same damn hair!

Fast forward, an year or so later. You have joined campus and unlike the holidays in high school when everybody braided their hair, trends have changed. Now girls are having mountains of hair that is only theirs by virtue of having bought it. Isn’t that how you acquire property anyway? Excuse my ignorance.

A female stylist who once came to Kenya revealed that she was saddened by women here who have great hair but cover it in wigs, weaves and extensions. One way or the other, these women have been made to believe that their hair is not good enough. Therefore, they end piling it up with the Angels and Darlings of this world. They chose to go wavy, curly or straight in brown, black, gray and green too!

Have you been to Best Lady particularly on the weekends? You will see women and men alike scrambling for the items on the human hair shelves. They don’t need attendants these customers. They know where all the brands, colours and different length sizes are found. On the other side where oils, lotions and other skin care as well as beauty products are, the attendants stand there rearranging the shelves to keep busy.

On campus, you now find all those colours and lengths on most heads . They will toss their hair when talking, woe unto you if you are within their vicinity. The human hair will make contact with your face and reward you with an irritation you can’t help but itch.

When the going gets tough during exams as it always does, they will twist their hair in that seductive manner they have learnt from movies. That 2/3k you spent on your head, would have better been used to get handout notes instead of the poor hairline! Seriously though, have you seen those hairlines? (Evil laugh).

Looking at these girls from a distance, you would think they are experiencing a kind of ‘volcano eruptions’. Their heads appear magnified not from the hand lens but electron microscope. You wouldn’t see their faces if they didn’t care to part the mass in the middle. These extensions do not see a band, the closest they come to being held is when they are enclosed in that old stocking for the night.

The boyfriends who claim ‘men love natural hair’ yet make a huge contribution of the salon money, will tell them,

Baby, you look nice. Kwani you changed your hair?

Eeh, saa hii nikuslay tu!

That is around 2 months after they were strategically given office to begin term. After which they will be washed thoroughly and stored for future use. Brazilian human hair doesn’t come cheap. The girl’s natural hair will then breathe for 2 hours or less before she runs to the salon and the next day in class you see her with equally big hair. If you are not close to her, you would definitely conclude she has been wearing the same hair all semester.

And this is how our women end up in ugly weaves and wigs after marriage. They have been so used to hiding, it’s too late to come out. They are already hooked to being fake with fakeness of hair.

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