Kenyatta University Students Prepare to Elect New KUSA Leaders

Kenyatta University

It happens every first semester of a new academic year. It is a duty and a privilege of every student to exercise that right of electing their student leaders just like it is a right for every Kenyan who is above the age of eighteen to participate in the country’s general elections.

I am not usually a pessimist just that I love taking precautions. The KUSA elections come at the same time when we will be having the country’s general elections happening following the nullification of the previous presidential results.

What I fear most is the impact or the influence that the national elections may have on our campus elections. We are victims of leaning onto particular sides when selecting or deciding who we want to be our leader nationally.

This is not far from happening even on our campuses today and it’s not something to be avoided and not be talked about. The influence one gets from the outside political world has a high probability of getting it into the campus politics.

The problem is not having a particular stand on who you want to be your leader. The trouble comes in when you get that egocentric feeling of it is ‘us’ who should have this seat at this time. I would be shocked to hear such a statement from a university student who at most levels is viewed as the role model to young people in the society.

Yeah, it is democratic to express your opinion but remember others have that democracy too. Have an open mind. Do not let what you hear in the exterior political world influence everything about whom you want to be your leader on campus.

I know the heat will be so much from outside and you may feel so desperate to have your candidate take over a position especially if your prospective national candidate did not manage to get to the position you expected them to but may I urge that we behave like thinkers??

Division according to tribal lines and ethnicity ties is a thing of the past especially for people that are meant to be promoters of national unity. Listen to the ideas the leaders will be bringing forth to you through their manifestos and make rational decisions.

Exercise that right in the most sensical way possible. Keep off the statements that you may make that will put pressure on your opponents and prompt violence before, during or after the elections. Respect my opinion as I respect yours. Do not let your mind be your candidate. Do not let them speak for you. Do not allow them reason for you.

The role of these student leaders is less inclined to what tribe they come from. It is more of serving all students in the campus in equal measures regardless of their ethnical background. Be a wise academician. Open another comrade’s mind who you encounter and is inclined to evil politics in our campus.

We have gone through much in our country to bring the same to our institutions. Lastly you have a choice to support any candidate you want. The stereotype of supporting a leader because he or she is from your tribe, county, village or family is long gone. Atleast not in our campuses people. Be a scholar that behaves like one. All the best as you prepare to exercise that right to elect new KUSA officials.

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