LEAVE IT!: The Ultimate College Packing Guide for Freshers

The excitement in the air as reporting date nears is palpable; and so is the anxiety that many would-be freshers are having now especially with regards to what they should pack and what they shouldn’t pack. If you want to know what you should pack, CHECK THEM HERE but read on if you want to know what you should leave at home.

Stuffed Animals

One stuffed animal is fine and can be an awesome reminder of home, but you really don’t want your roommates and other people around campus to categorize you as a weirdo! So keep the majority of the stuffed animals at home and bring one (if any) for sentimentality. You might think that this is a pointless statement, but you’d be surprised. So for those of you weirdos that can’t seem to let go of your childhood, it’s time. Society is forcing you to grow up.

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Your Collection of Stilettos

You are definitely going to study and not open a show room for stilettos. FYI, 90% of stilettos and high heels brought by ladies to campus are never worn! Therefore, while we all love nice shoes, you don’t need every pair you own. They take up too much room. Instead of buying 20 shoe racks just to fit them all in your abysmally small closet, bring the pairs of shoes that you are positive you’ll need, and leave the rest behind.

Your Novel Collection

Sadly, you might only have time to check out The Campus Lady Magazine and your Facebook or Instagram accounts apart from your anatomy lecture notes. You will be so inundated with textbooks and mandatory reading that the idea of reading a book simply because you want to will seem foreign. Make sure to keep a list of all the books you want to read during the semester, because you will definitely have the time to catch up during the December break. Until then, stick to The Campus Lady Magazine and anything your professors tell you to read.

Anything Valuable

If you don’t want it stolen, don’t bring it. Of course, there are exceptions here — like your laptop and phone — but things such as expensive jewelry, that Coach purse you love to show off – they can all stay home for now. If you’re not sure if the item you’re packing fits this description, then it probably does. So unless having it is essential to your college experience, I suggest you leave it at home.

Off-Season Clothes

We were just talking about how itty-bitty your new closet will be, so don’t overstuff it with your winter coat and cozy sweaters when you move in during August or September. Keep your closet filled with the essentials for the current season and then swap them out for cold-weather clothes when you go home on break. The same goes for shoes; no knee-high boots in August! Only keep a few cold-weather items for the next season in case of extreme weather early on; you can trade your sandals for your boots during fall break…unless of course you are at Egerton University.

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Sound System

While blasting music out of your campus hostel would be such an amazing detoxifier over the weekend, it is not necessary to carry a sound system to campus as a freshman. In fact, that guy whom you will fall in love with already has a sound system in their room and therefore you can save your space for better things. Avoid people thinking there’s suspicious activity going on (and remain friends with your neighbors by turning down the noise level) by opting to bring a small portable speaker that’ll also do you the favor of charging your phone. That’s something everyone in your hall can get on board with.

High School Stuff

We all attach some sentimental value to the stuff we owned in high school. These include text books, notebooks, clothes and even letters from our boyfriends across the fence. But these are unnecessary on campus. College is about moving forward and embracing the future, not holding onto your high school glory. Leave those behind!

Now that you’ve taken all this in, you pre-collegiettes should have a better idea of what you need (and don’t need) to bring to college. But maybe even more important than all of the material items—be sure to bring confidence and an open mind in order to start the best four years of your life on the right foot. Have fun!

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