Making yourself easily accessible to men kills dating

Dating is dead

I don’t even know what dating means these days because, to me, it’s dead.

I know there are those men who date in the old school way, but they too have changed a lot.

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong generation because in this generation, sex isn’t scared any more.

Nowadays, texting and fucking is what people call “dating” while there isn’t any love involved.

Ladies, we are making it too easy for men to access the most precious part of our body, the heart.

Up your walls, it’s time for us to communicate standards to these men. Without these standards we will all just be used and dumped.

The single-most important reason why men end up marrying village girls is that these girls communicate their standards upfront.

Let us not be an easy target. Make him work for it. Make him realise that you are worth more than that bottle of champagne and more worth than money.

Make them realise that this is not only for now, but for the future. Let other generations that will come after us be proud of the ladies that we are.

Some of we ladies even forget that we will be parents one day and we will be required to create a good and great image for our children.

These men won’t go anywhere. Some ladies fear that if they says no to a guy who only wants to have sex with her, the guy will go…Darling, let him go. Let him realize that you aren’t easily available and he has to work for it too.

Men, what does it cost for a girl you are dating to receive flowers? Death?

Men now listen up, women are not tools. Women have hearts; women cannot separate sex and emotions the way you men can. Afraid that your secret is out? Well, now it is. Ladies are people who are fragile, and at the same time very powerful.

It may seem old school but men need to court a lady and do it in the right way. Do not get a girlfriend and relax, that is why many relationships don’t last nowadays and that is why many marriages fail. Treat her, like the queen she is, be faithful to her, and she will forever remain yours.

Because this economy does not allow all tasks on the male species alone, ladies; treat your man. Take him out once in a while, but remember that the role of men in the society and in the relationship does not change.

Remember also that faithfulness is crucial to a happy dating life or marriage. To all those in relationships, I wish you all the best. For the single folk, find yourself a partner who you see a future with.

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