‘Marriage Material’ is not a Compliment Anymore

Wife Material
There are two types of women in this overrated society a woman to date (whore) and the honored (wife material). The woman who should meet his family and this one to ride on. To be on the safe side don’t allow a nigga to ride on you girl.
Wife material is no longer the humbling compliment every woman would wish to hear from a man. It left women drawing nonexistent North Africa maps. The analogy is no more!
Wife Material
Wife Material is no longer a complement for women

These are just injustices to hurt, disrespect and hurt women. No woman owes good behaviors to a man. Time is gone when people used to fall in love despite the many differences. Men are preoccupied with finding wife materials for selfish gains. They are not readily available nigga! Every time I want a tailored dress I have found myself sweating towards finding the best material. To some extent opting for the ready-made second-hand clothes to cut off the hustle, it’s real!

If you want a wife material it’s either you marry a divorcee or pick the pieces, join together to get that dream woman.
No woman trained to perfection for a man to marry. There are a million errors that require more attention.
The last thing I have wanted to be in life is being a wife material. I am an individual. I have always wanted to be human just like everybody else. I was not born to be a wife but God gave me one for reasons I too can’t explain.

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