Meet Madam Boss and Let’s Talk Spoken Poetry

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It has become proverbial that spoken poetry is an in thing in Code +254.We got Pawa254, Poetry After Lunch(PAL) and this growing Poetry Rush Hour at Machakos University. I can’t leave out Street Poetry, where you don’t need a mic, just your words, because you already have the audience.

Spoken word has been there, is there and will always be there. Digging deeper, I am made to understand that spoken word is a performance art that is word based. Otherwise, the urban dictionary defines it as poetry intended for onstage performance, rather than exclusively designed for the page. True, we got a hung of it.

As much as am concerned, I know more than 200 spoken word artists. Others already rooted, others upcoming. Mufasa, Teardrops, Kapedo Kadima, Virusi Mbaya, Lisa Mumbi, Poeter Gitonga, Trappoet, Sheikh Mkristo, Meek Junior and the other amazing talented young men and women.

So today I thought talking about Elishpa Nyambura stage-named Madam Boss. On her Facebook Page, a fellow poet, Poeter Gitonga, describes her as :”Elishpa Madam Boss is a refined poet who commands words in a bossy way. She is a big fun of life and writes about love. “

She is a great woman, one who knows love and lust, romance and bromance. Drawing inspiration from things that happen around her, she is an ambitious and visionary lady. She observes a lot and she can write a whole poem about your closed eyes. Sounds great, right?

And that’s not the end. Elishpa is a mentee of Poet Andrew an amazing performing poet. If you didn’t know, this amazing guy will be hosting the DyeVerCity Festival at Memorial park somewhere in January. Come meet amazing talents, tales, stories, unmasked truth, and absolute entertainment. She might be performing, yet to be confirmed.

Recently she performed at the Shades of Humility,an event that so many poetry lovers coming together to listen to the truth that is never told. From her performance, there was love, pain, joy and mixed reactions. She has this power of moving the crowd, and for the weak hearted, tears could not stop. They cried, for they were struck with emotions, so overwhelming.

Challenges for her are stepping stones. For her, ‘izi ni vitu ndogo ndogo.’ The fact that she is a lady, poses a threat, but to her its a battle she is fighting and she is not giving up any soon. She must win, she says.

Her friends and family, poets and spoken word artists, received her poetry gift, helped her nature it and now are happy for what she is becoming.

Bye, my ninjas.
Have a prosperous 2018.Expect more stories about poetry from me. I love you all??.

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