Meet The University Conman Kilimani Mums are Drooling Over

A photo of a university students who has been alleged to be a conman conning Kenyans with the promise of connecting them to universities abroad has sent women on Kilimani Mums Facebook Group in a frenzy.

The photo of Gideon Kamau Kinyanjui a.k.a Alias Joel of phone number +254 710 199262 was posted on the Facebook group on Monday Morning and all ladies on the group could see were his eyebrows and handsome face.

According to the Facebook post, the con artists is a university student impersonating to work with Scholars Overseas Ltd that is located in City House on Wabera Street, Nairobi.

The student has “conned various people multiple of money (and is) currently been wanted by police while his colleague is already behind bars”, the Facebook post by John Kennedy indicated.

However, women could hear non of the conning stories with most of them indicating that they would rather be conned by him than report him.

Below is a sample of some of the drooling comments.

However, some people took issue with the suspect’s eyebrows questioning people who had trusted an individual with such eyebrows.

However, one Facebooker indicated that the police should “ Leave the young man alone…arrest the NYS thieves asi

The public is asked to report to the nearest police station specifically Central Police Station Nairobi, or call this number immediately 0733 386988 if they come across the man.

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