MMUST Boys are afraid of Dating me – Beauty Queen

Apparently, there is no man in Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) who is ready to date the outgoing Miss MMUST Bernadette Benita Ogega.

The former beauty queen admits that she has had a rough time as the most beautiful lady in the Kakamega-based campus as there is no single male soul who took time to her her out during her reign.

“They all fear me. They fear dating me on grounds that I am too expensive,” says the outgoing MMUST beauty queen.

The news that Miss Benita had spent over Ksh.1 million on designer outfits, makeup and posters as she sought to win the hotly contested competition in 2017 added salt to the injury as MMUST boys could not measure up to her level.

This was after two unsuccessful attempts to be crowned the most beautiful lady on campus in 2015 and 2016 where she spent a whooping Ksh. 350,000 and Ksh. 550,000 respectively on designer outfits, makeup and posters and lost in both cases.

So, just what did she expect of the poor campus boys?

“It’s simple, models are not gold-diggers. It’s time men saw us as fellow human beings who need love and affection. I worked hard for the money I spent on the competitions. I didn’t just get it from some sponsor,” Benita said in a recent interview.

She added that, “Kenyan men are stingy. That’s why they avoid models. Foreigners can easily give you Sh200,000 even if what you asked for was just Sh100,000— and they don’t question why you need the money,” said Benita who is 21 years old and has been dating Caucasians.

Benita who hails from Makenene village in Borabu sub-county was also the Masinde Muliro University Students Organisation (MMUSO) vice president and was Miss Environment Nyamira County 2016/17 where she fashionably spend another Ksh. 800,000.

Miss Benita Ogega: PHOTO: Courtesy

The Kereri Girls alumna will also be representing Nyamira County in this year’s Miss County Kenya competitions to be held next month in Nairobi.

But who funds her? “I am a business lady,” says the fourth-year student of English and French.

“I got into business in my first year. That was after I received Sh35,000 from the Higher Education Loans Board (Helb). I went to Gikomba market in Nairobi and bought mitumba clothes and ladies’ shoes worth Sh25,000,” said Miss Benita.

She added, “I would move from one hostel to the next peddling my goods and I made good money. I later opened a stall along the Kakamega-Malava road, adjacent to the university and employed a local. The rest, as they say, is history.

Two years later, Benita teamed up with friends to lauch Benita Enterprises, a shop that deals in cosmetics, shoes and clothes for women.

“After my graduation, I want to open a branded cosmetics shop and cloth line in Nairobi,” she says, adding that the sky is the limit.

And being a model, she can still make some dough on the side.

So what’s the ultimate for this beauty? “I want to become the next Nyamira Woman Rep in 2022,” she says.

Additional Report: Campus Vibe

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