#MondayMotivation: Here’s How to be Successful

How to be successful as a student

Mondays on campus are just as hard as Mondays everywhere else. However, it doesn’t always have to be tough. In the same light, we all want to be successful: be it in our academics, relationships and even in life in general. Being a Monday, to help you stay motivated towards your goals in life, we share some few tips on how to be successful.

1. Have a Positive Attitude

If there’s something that’s a common cause for worry and failure,then it is attitude. Attitude can be your greatest friend or enemy depending on how you take it. A negative attitude brings along a bunch of negativity and sadness. A negative person can never try to do anything that bears positive fruit.

Therefore, whenever you fail or don’t get what you expected, ask yourself where you went wrong with your attitude. Successful people are never afraid of evaluating themselves and making amends. Find out about the attitude you had before taking that particular step. Introspect yourself and find out where you would have gone wrong and don’t be afraid to start over again. There’s no shame in starting over since the outcome is usually one of the very best because experience is always the best teacher.

2. Remain Prayerful

Successful people are equally very prayerful in life. I am not a preacher or prophet but as the Christian girl that my mother brought me up to be, I know that prayer is usually the greatest weapon any successful person has. It is actually the best medicine. Because though you don’t see the person you are addressing, you feel His presence.

There’s nothing more touching than knowing that there is someone who cares about you and who always listens to you. Someone who is willing to give you everything you want and even more. The one person who is only waiting for you to ask for whatever you need, to claim it in faith and you will possess it. Throughout my life and the challenges I have experienced with my mother and brothers, I have always found my hope and peace of mind in Prayer.

3. Know your “Why?”

Google is awash with a zillion secretes on how to be successful. However, everyone has individual personalities, experiences and goals. Therefore, the most important thing for you to be successful is to know your why. Why do you want to be successful? Why must you succeed? Is it for your mother? or your father? Is it for your brothers? or sisters? Is it for someone you love?

Your why will therefore fuel you to your success. If your why is something concrete the you will do whatever it takes to succeed. It is advisable to write down your why and remind yourself about it each time you feel like giving up.

4. To be successful, you have to be self-driven

Self-drive is very important. Never live to please the crowd while you’re hurting yourself. Have peace of mind and always tell yourself you can do it. Each morning you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror. Remind yourself of how wonderful and strong you are. Tell yourself that no one can ever put off the fire of determination within you.

Be real, be you. Take one step at a time… focus on your steps because if you focus on other people’s steps, you will lose your self-esteem and success will be even more difficult. Wherever you go, put your earphones/headphones on (though not literally); block out the discouraging words of your haters.

5. Use your past to fuel your successful future

The past is usually something that brings back to life all the pain, joy and memories. Almost everybody has a painful past. The only difference is the intensity of the pain that our pasts bring along. Thinking of your past once in a while is healthy because it reminds you of the life you once lived; it projects the kind of life you want to live tomorrow. It guides your present life so that you become somebody.

Do not, however, overthink about the pain because you might end up in depression. Instead, let the past fuel your present for a flawless future. This is something I have been working on in my personal life and I have to admit that since I started taking my past positively, several opportunities have come my way and writing for this magazine is one of them.

6. Never give up in life

Challenges are everywhere and as I write this, I am also undergoing a bunch of them. What matters most is the attitude we all have whenever we face challenges. Let no one lie to you about any kind of lifestyle that is challenge-free because it doesn’t exist.

No matter where you go or hide, challenges will always be there. All social classes of people have challenges of their own. Therefore, instead of trying to be like somebody, have the right attitude and be determined to be the best version of yourself.

Do not let anyone discourage you in any way because life is too short to please somebody else when you are in darkness yourself. Be patient, be prayerful, be determined, know your why, persevere and never ever give up.

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