MORALITY: Slaying in Sexually Transmitted Cars

Sexually Transmitted Cars
I have found myself boarding matatus many times that I have lost count. It’s not a story I’d wish to narrate as it breaks down my bones into pieces leaving my body more weak to even do what they call ‘working hard‘ to reach there.
How on earth do you struggle all your life and die without driving your own car? It seems like a nightmare but I am consoled, I know we are a number sailing in this imperfect lifeboat.
Many times I have counted the number of cars being driven by women, some young others my age and called God in a corner for a serious talk. Why? Does it mean these drivers are special than us or? Life is something else and if asked I cannot perfectly describe it. It’s a 3D and what matters is the angle you’re looking it at.
Despite the normal women jealousy I have decided to celebrate myself instead of looking down on myself. Apart from the normal working, hardworking woman who owns a car, there is this other one that doesn’t know the price. She fuels using a card not knowing how much diesel costs a liter. I bet I know a liter of kerosene is Ksh. 52.
Don’t ask the relationship between me and kerosene it’s such a long story. Our girl just drives and the rest is taken care of. That’s the one we are talking about today! She’s famously known as a Slay Queen slaying in sexually transmitted cars for lack of a better word (forgive my manners). After all the self-hate I critically looked at the life of this young woman I felt completely lost in this nightmare.
Hi girlfriend? I hope you’re well. We are each other’s keeper and sisters do talk, right? Sweetheart, apart from living a life bigger than your daddy’s and mummy’s what else do you see in that old man who’s triple your age? What happened to the tall, dark, handsome slogan? What changed between you and life? Happy were the days when we enjoyed marrying young good men and that seems like history today. What changed between women and life?
Maybe life is so hard and we opted for easier options but nothing explains the thought of a 20year old leaning on a man older than his daddy’s shoulders. It’s the most unrealistic situation I’d wish to find myself in. Wait! How does it feel? Between ignorance and desperation which one would you choose? I bet both. What has become of you? Useless do I say?
I am trying to google better loving words to describe you but the search button is letting me down. Maybe it’s disappointed just like I am. What happened to our morals? Is this how rotten our society is? All along I have celebrated young hardworking women until I realized the kind of hard work I’ve been celebrating all along. Sponsored one! Just by massaging an old man’s tummy and going out for lunch earns you a car? I cannot write enough about you dolls. Can you please doll up, women up and get yourselves lives!
I have many words to call you but I carry my kindness with me and for today I’ll just tell you ‘Think as many times as you can, it’s allowed to all insane people dating their great grandfathers in exchange of money and small gifts like cars’ Let me stick to my matatus.

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