Murang’a University Students in the Business of Eliminating Body Odour

I can’t be the only one bothered and troubled by body odour, or any bad smell for that matter. It’s important to smell fresh and look dashing as you go about your activities during the day.

For one you might never know who you might meet or impress. It is for this reason that Sumeiya Worku saw it wise to establish a business that deals in products that aim towards making us more appealing.

I’m talking beauty products, perfumes, roll-ons, body sprays, hair treatments, henna as well as peacock (colour used on the nails, hands and feet for beautification), you name it. She completely has her hands full.

Part of the stock that Sumeiya Worku and her partner Mary Wanjiru sell to students in University

She is a second year student at Murang’a University College of Technology taking Bachelor of Commerce. Together with her partner, Mary Wanjiru they have set the ball rolling in the field of business alongside their studies.

The enterprise started with a mere capital of Ksh 2,000 savings. Body sprays were what she was selling at first before deciding to go versatile on her next stock.

“After joining campus, I decided to come up with something else aside from my studies. I saved up and decided to grow a business. I found that these products are better to sell and they will make me a profit.”

The business which was started in September last year, is prosperous and the partners are happy with the returns.

“I am happy with the shape it has taken. My eyes are now set on a larger market where we will supply our products to other campuses as well. There is so much potential in it.

“I acquire the products from a wholesale in Eastleigh. The prices start from 250/-, a friendly price as our main target customers are students. All our goods are quite affordable to the average student.

“The perfume scents could be mild or strong. It depends with one’s taste as people are inclined to varying choices. We also have both masculine and feminine commodities.

“Currently, the business is run from the room in campus. It is mobile as this is not a permanent place. With time, I hope I will be able to have a stall dealing with the same. I am in this for the long term.

“Our main challenge has been record keeping. We aim to improve by having a discipline to guide us. All the money borrowed from the business for other needs must be paid back. We are working on this as business grows.

“I am motivated by the fact that I want to be stable early, self dependency. It bothered me to constantly pester my parents for upkeep. Finding something that earned an income as well as indulged me was fulfilling.”

Her final word?

“Any business idea is acceptable and can work. There are no limits as whatever small can grow to become BIG. Anything can be your breakthrough.”

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