Must Have Mobile Apps for students on campus

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the prevalence and utility of mobile apps on the college campus. With this in mind, The Campus Lady Magazine has named its top-5 mobile apps for students on campus.


Carrying your books everywhere on campus can be cumbersome. Additionally, lecturers in Kenyan universities are increasingly making use of technology by sending their notes via the class email. Therefore Evernote is an incredible android mobile app that you can use to create notebooks and short notes during lectures. This app also enables you to record your lectures in class. Better yet, the app is compatible with any computer, making it easy for you to transfer information.

Chegg Textbooks and Study Help

Campus life is incomplete without assignments and research work and this can be extremely frustrating especially if you do not have the right resources and tips to help you through. However, the Chegg mobile app enables you to gain access to a massive online library that is more equipped than any imaginable library in Kenyan universities. Students can rent online textbooks for days and weeks at 90 percent less the buying price of the text book. This app also provides academic tips that will enable students score highly in their assignments and exams.

Tunda App1

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