MUST READ: 5 Ways Ladies Can Have the Best Experience on Campus

By Karren Cherotich

Well, it seems most of us aren’t having the fun we thought we would have in campus. The idea of joining campus usually comes with different emotions we are usually anxious and excited oblivious of what it actually holds for us, but perhaps we fail to get the best out of it by not making a life time experience out of it.

What do you do around school? Do you just walk around in the school lawns? Do you spend most of your time in the library trying to finish an assignment? The truth is there are many exciting things we haven`t tried yet. Try this:

Join Student Associations

Opportunities come in different sizes and shapes; who knows where joining that social, academic or religious organization, will take you. Many of the skills you`ll need outside campus are not learnt in class. Participating in these organizations will not only make your resume great but it will help you network with people who might help you get internships and jobs.

Make Friends and Hangout

Student life can be hard. We all need friends to hold us down when we break up with our boyfriends and a shoulder to cry on when we fail an exam. Make friends, teach someone something and learn something new from someone. Friends help you make unforgettable experience in college have a partner in crime someone to freak out with, borrow notes from and celebrate with when class is over.

Campus Lady

Work Out

Being physically fit as a campus student is important. Try exercise videos in the fitness studio, go for a jog with friends or walk to your lecture instead of taking a bus and get a complete body transformation. Don`t starve yourself to look curvaceous exercise join a swim club and go for hikes.

Go Crazy, Explore

Try anything silly: sleep under the stairs, dance on the table, dye your hair, sing along to a song whether you know the lyrics or not, crash a party you don`t know anyone and make a friend. Also, explore learn something about your school you didn’t know. Read a book that is not related to your course.

Find Love

Whether you are a freshman, sophomore or senior, you may wonder what effect your campus relationship may have on your future .Don`t try all relationships but be open to them. Go on a date and if you find someone you are compatible with and you feel it’s right then go ahead and have a serious relationship .But then again, be careful.

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