My little campus haven: How I ended up with a Queen-size bed

Bed Rongo University Hostel Haven

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So, I was now ripe for exploring the independent life. I had lived three semesters in school and I felt so ready. So I got the room, moved in and went for shopping for everything that I had envisioned my house to have.

I bought a white and black carpet to cover the red painted floor. My friends did not and still do not like my carpet. They say it is masculine. From when did carpets have gender? How was I to tell the super market attendant that I needed a carpet which was a girl?

Did I mention my dexterity when it comes to matching the floor with the ceiling, the bed sheets with the walls and my curtains with the door mat? No I did not. I do that perfectly. I should start my company and offer these services, Racheal floor-ceiling and bedsheets-wall matching co. Ltd. My room does look attractive, organized and coherent. I know this because I know and my friends, despite their resentment to my carpet, still love the way everything looks orderly.

My queen-sized bed. Yes, you read that right, I have been sleeping on a queen-sized bed for two years. Remember the dexterity I told you about? I also have the verbal version of it, and I applied it and mixed it with my feminine charm, (charm does have gender) to talk to the landlord since the landlord provides the bed and mattress to the students.

Toothy Smile

“Hey sir, how are you? I love your jacket, it makes you look nicer and younger”, I said to him in my best toothy smile,

“Wow! Thank you! That is so nice of you to say. Are you the new tenant in room 143?” he asked.

“Yes I am, that room is so magical, it is two days into it and I’m loving it. I love the bed, it is free of bed-bugs. I lived with bed-bugs in the school hostel and it was horrible. They would bite my nose each and every night. Can you imagine going to class with a swollen nose?”

“Ooh so sorry about that. In here, I can ascertain that bed-bugs do not even know the color of our beds. You will love your stay. Our slogan is home away from home.” He responded to me emphatically and I knew this was the chance to bite at the cherry.

“Speaking of beds, and home away from home: I would like to request a bigger bed so that I can sleep like the way I sleep at home. Furthermore sir, I have paid even for the space that my other roommate would have paid. I think it is only fair if I get the services she could have gotten, if she were really here.”

“Of course that is fine. I will send the watchman to bring you a bed fit for a beautiful lady like you”

“Thank you so much sir. That is so kind of you”

And that’s how I ended up sleeping on a queen-sized bed when every other student was sleeping on a peasant-sized bed. No offense, I just feel proud of that.

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