My little campus haven: the different types of campus roommates

Bed Rongo University Hostel Haven

It has been 2 years of enjoying top-notch tranquility, freedom from the outside world, ample and quality self-time, just to mention a few of the goodies I have been reaping from my little campus haven. My little single-roomed campus hostel.

Self-Contained Room

My safe haven is an amazing cubicle; room 143 out of 200 rooms. It sits on the first floor and it is the room directly adjacent to the shower. This fact makes me extremely lucky as it qualifies my room to be a self-contained room.

It takes 4 medium sized footsteps for me to jump into the shower. Those who live in the far corner take a road trip to reach the showers. So technically I live in a self-contained house, (I do not know why that seems so important to mention).

I was actually not supposed to live in this haven two years ago. However, a friend of mine persuaded me to live here so that I can be her neighbor. We all know how difficult it is to say no to a short brown girl, who has this crooked smile that makes you heed to whatever she says. So I saw the room and instantly fell in love with it. Talk of love at first sight.

Living with Roommates

I was in my second semester of my second year of campus. I had lived with roommates in my first year and my first semester in second year and I had vowed never to live with a roommate again. A female one precisely. Roommates come in different colors. Some are temperamental, others are lazy. Then there are those roommates who are outright hyenas. Others are parasitic such that they do not bring anything to the table but rather wait for what you have brought and devour it.

Some roommates have boyfriends and they keep sending you to unplanned sleepovers to your friends. I think the worst breed is the one that thinks your stuff is cooler than theirs. So much so that they keep taking your stuff, sometimes without even asking. From clothes to make-up to shoes and even handbags.

I had an experience with the latter and it was a-not-so-good-experience. I can’t even bring myself to narrate it since I lost a beautiful pair of sandals to one of my roommates and… (Sobs).

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