My little campus haven: Time to kiss goodbye!

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I have this full length mirror in room 143 that makes my life more fun in this haven. When I first bought this mirror, I remember how I couldn’t sleep at all. I just spent a better part of the night admiring myself. II was an opportunity to wear all my clothes, one at a time and check how I looked in the mirror. I especially checked out how the clothes were accentuating my curves (I wasn’t disappointed, I can assure you).

I didn’t have that privilege before then. It had been a while since I had seen myself wholly and fully. Earlier on, the only way I could see myself in full was just by raising a very small mirror a little above my head then turn around in all angles just to see my whole body.

And here I was now with a full length mirror leaning against the wall looking right at me. I felt extremely thrilled at the stage I was in my life. The kind of feeling you feel when you purchase your first pair of heels. It always feels like you are now graduating from being a girl to lady.

However, I am now almost done with my undergraduate studies and it saddens me that I am about to leave this safe haven. As June is somewhere lurking around just waiting for the right time to pop out, I feel like it will be the ‘death’ in our, ‘till death do us part’ vows.

I have an emotional attachment to this room: I have discovered myself in this room especially due to the glorious serenity that it has offered me. I have brewed many dreams in this room, I have so many memories in here. It is sad that now I am almost leaving.

This is my way of saying goodbye to this safe haven. Goodbye room 143. Thank you for hosting me. It was such an honor. Until we meet again. *kisses*

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