My Sweet Curse: Final Episode

My Sweet Curse

Aurora climbs out of the ravine but she passes out and Armando finds her and calls Rodrigo and Armando continues to encourage Aurora to never give up.

Monica plans to steal Aurora’s son, but she gets to the hotel right after the police came to pick the baby up.

Aurora is taken by ambulance to the hospital and on the way there she tells Rodrigo that they have a son and he becomes surprise and promises to be there for her and their son.

At the hospital, Elsa asks Epifania to try and be with Jeronimo now that her child is alright but Epifania assures Elsa that Jeronimo will never be happy without her (Elsa), and that they shouldn’t waste any more time but get married as soon as possible and Elsa asks Jeronimo to marry her then and Jeronimo accepts because all his life that has been his greatest dream.

Maximina and Altagracia reconcile.

Corina under police custody tries to ask Elsa for help to get her out of there, but she tells her that she knows that Monica is a murderer because she killed her brother and also tried killing her too and Corina realizes that she is screwed.

Armando takes baby Rodrigo to meet his father Rodrigo, and Rodrigo thanks Aurora for loving him and giving him a son and asks her to marry him. Rafael then congratulates them both wholeheartedly because he now knows that Aurora’s happiness is with Rodrigo.

Boni gets a radical makeover and Rafael is now attracted to her, but Boni tells him that even though he will always be her first love, her heart now belongs to Luis.

Aurora dedicates the “El Salado” medical center in her father Severo’s memory and everyone celebrates with her.

Brigida will be the chief of personnel, and Camilo, Maximina and Altagracia are going to be working there as well.

Rafael and Nadia surprise Aurora and Rodrigo when they tell them that they are going out together as couple.

Rodrigo and Luis reconcile and reaffirm their friendship.

On Aurora and Rodrigo’s wedding day, Monica turns up and attacks Aurora, but Rodrigo gets there in time to save Aurora and they send Monica to jail and in the holding cell, Monica gets a taste of what her life behind bars is going to be like that is great trauma.

Rodrigo and Aurora get married and at the altar they reaffirm the love they always had for each other and they start their life together surrounded by the people who love them.

Mr. Ponciano concludes the story with a great summary which goes like this:

“Aurora and Rodrigo have taught all of us that neither deception nor superstition and neither envy nor ignorance have power over the truth that because pure love comes from pure generosity, complete and absolute trust and total devotion without reservations and that is because love is and will always be the greatest blessing among them all.”

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