Nairobbery-The DOs and DON’Ts in the Wake of Nairobi Muggings

Nairobi Muggings

It seems our lovely city of Nairobi is living up to her nickname, Nairobbery. What with all the muggings going on in the CBD in broad daylight.

When you google, ‘Safest cities in the world’ the results reflect the obvious bias, which is, the Western world is a hub of peace and contentment. Top of that list includes cities in Iceland, Denmark, and Austria just to name a few.

When you google, ‘Most dangerous cities in the world’ the results feature cities in the Latin America region where homicides are reported to range anywhere from 100 homicides per 100,000 people.

Narrow that down to ‘Safest cities in Africa’ the result that pops up unapologetically goes something to the tune of, ‘Rwanda is the safest place to live in Africa’.

Why don’t we have a list that has 5-10 cities like the West does? I mean, we are only making a comparison between 54 countries, it’s okay though.

The opposite of that, ‘Most dangerous cities in Africa’ gives you a long list that has cities such as Lagos and Capetown scrambling to the top. Double standards in reporting maybe?

These statistics are not conclusive, however, especially since crime is not static. It comes in waves depending on a number of factors key among them including, the spending power of the general population.

Recently in a radio interview, newly appointed Director of Corporate and Communication Services of the National Police Service, Mr. Charles Owino, stated that crime does not end, it is merely controlled and reduced.

When there happens to be one tiny loophole through which crime get a chance to thrive, it definitely seizes it. As we await the action of the police in the city of Nairobi, it’s best to keep in mind some basics when it comes to your own safety.

Ladies are easily targeted by these muggers because let’s face it, handbags do make an easy target. Whether it’s a motorbike rider who snatches it or that conniving pickpocket who cuts through the bag at the bottom and let’s all the content fall out piece by piece making it easy as pie, handbags do make easy targets.

This doesn’t mean, that ladies should walk around with gunny bags (gunias) as this is the less attractive option. No. However, know the streets you are using. Reports on social media had earmarked Kimathi Street as a hotbed for muggings. Yes, Kimathi Street where Nation Centre is, KFC, you name it, that street had been earmarked.

One easy option is definitely to change your route and use safer streets or if that’s a bit of a hassle, avoid back streets and strange alleys. Use the pavements and always keep your eyes peeled. In case it happens to you, do not resist, cooperate and you walk away unscathed, go to a police station and report the incident.
Safety starts with you and me.

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