New Show Alert: WAMUCII SPEAKS on Bliss TV

Since schools are closed and we are all at home, you have probably binged-watched and exhausted all your favorite series by now. I’m sure you have turned on your TV to see what is happening on local channels but you got bored within the first 15 minutes. Local stations are all about Coronavirus updates, cartoons and movies you would rather not watch. You need something new as WAMUCII SPEAKS Show.

WAMUCII SPEAKS is for The Campus Lady by Campus Ladies

You are now craving for some new content. You are probably craving for content you can relate with as a campus lady. Content that speaks to your heart and influences you positively. That is why you need to get yourself ready for WAMUCII SPEAKS. Now this is not a show like any other because it is for the youth by the youth…and most specifically, for the campus lady by campus ladies!

The show will air live on Bliss TV’s YouTube Channel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first episode is going live this Thursday 16th April 2020.

Rachael Wamucii is the host of Wamucii Speaks and she is a student at Embu University | PHOTO: BLISS TV

Bliss TV is Kenya’s premier youth-led TV that was founded and is run by university students. This makes WAMUCII SPEAKS Show so relatable to the campus lady. This is because both the producer of the show, and the show host are students at Kenyan universities.

The show host, Rachael Wamucii, is a student at University of Embu University pursuing bachelors in Commerce. She is a talented writer and a model. Ms Wamucii aspires to have an all-arts corporation where she will actualize the new education system by nurturing young artists and empower the youth.

Speaking to The Campus Lady Magazine ahead of the launch, Bliss TV Director and Producer of WIMUCII SPEAKS Show Yvonne Natasha indicated that the show targets youths and its content will speak for itself.

Made for the Youths

She said “WAMUCII SPEAKS Show is a show made for the youths with strikingly different, real and exclusive content that packaged to resonate with their aspirations.

“From art, lifestyle and to the most underlying issues in our midst; this is where we get to talk about them.”

Views should expect an amazing show that digs deep into fascinating topics while turning tables on issues that affect the youth while keeping things strictly true and real.

According to Ms Natasha, “the show encourages young people to be real and talk plainly without holding back. We envision an empowered and innovative generation of young people.

“This is our fuel to see the fruition of our mission as a youth channel which is to develop talent and enhance the opportunities of the young people through the avenues of media.”

Feel free to leave your comment on what you think about the show and what you believe should be improved in order to make the show even better.