No money, No honey!

No Money No Honey

Women get a bad reputation for being “gold diggers” but a lot of people don’t bring up the fact that there’s a lot of mooching men out here too.

Someone made a status on Facebook asking women if they would stay in a relationship with a man that they were living with after the man has been unemployed and not financially contributing to the bills for TWO YEARS.

There were three multiple choice answers;

A. Stay and work through it.

B. Leave him and kick him out.

or C. Stay and cheat.

Your guess is as good as mine that most women chose B, and commented “Boy Bye”.

But the BACKLASH women got from men for saying that was real. They claimed these women were disloyal for not wanting to stay with that man now that he had no money. My question is, how?

As men, we expect a lot from women and if they fall short of it, we are often quick to either cheat or leave. But if women expect the same from men they are automatically often deemed as “disloyal hoes”.

Women are often pressured with having to be “down” or “ride or dies.” Meanwhile, the same pressure is not given to men.

Today, women are expected to provide domestically (cook, clean, be nurturing, etc) AND financially. It’s a fact that they have a lot more on their shoulders than we(Men) used to.

Men with no money are very insecure

If a woman would leave a man after him being unemployed for TWO YEARS, I would support her. Any PERSON not working at all for two whole years in my opinion is just flat out LAZY and they are taking advantage of the person that is providing for them.

Men often link their confidence with being able to have money to provide for themselves, their women, and/or their families. A lot of men that cannot do this are insecure.

My father was once unemployed for two years and mum stayed with him because she empathized with the “man’s struggle” to get a job. Regardless of financially supporting this man for two years, he continuously cheated on my mother due to his own insecurities.

This is not just my mother’s story. This is the story of MANY women. It’s called financial abuse.

So, never allow anyone to get so comfortable in your relationship or with themselves that they decide not to work for two years. And yes, I said “decide” because if a healthy person doesn’t work in two years it is a decision.

Of course I am not saying you should leave your partner if they lose their job. People deserve a chance to get back on their feet.

But TWO YEARS of being unemployed or not even having started their own business is absolutely ridiculous and no one should have to put up with that.

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