Notable Causes of Depression among Kenyans

Depression in the African traditional sense was unheard of. Defined as the long-term period of unhappiness and low morale, depression is the biggest killer in the 21st century. To add on that, scientists define depression as a real illness that immensely impacts on the brain making it a brain disorder.

Life exposes each and everyone to instances of depression. Some people manage to overcome it as a passing phase while to others it leads them to a long-term ditch of mental torment. Exposure comes in different instances such as:

Early Parenting

This comes along with responsibility, change to be embraced and hard work. Being a multitasker is greatly required to juggle part-time jobs, school and raising your child. Parental support and friends support play a massive role in ensuring ones well being. Deprivation of this makes the situation unbearable.


Marriage calls majorly for commitments to a person. Those in marriages mention that it indeed isn’t a walk in the park. The hard times always call for drastic measures. Quarrels, stress, and comparison kill the joy in the unison. The most common case to date lies within the hatred among in-laws for the lady or the gentleman involved. Coming home to such a tense environment shakes one to the core and taking silence as a solution could eat one up mentally and psychologically.

Stressful Careers

The stressful working environment and Career bring up a mountain of challenges. One that becomes burdening form a tense working environment and a pressurizing hot-tempered boss, could make one feel like exploding mentally with the fear of losing the job that pays bills bringing torment financially. Making ends meet at the end of the day is the main agenda to some people without which one becomes very unsettled.

Friends Make or Break you.

Evaluation of characters is very important to self-building of a character. There are those that one approach in times of crisis, their availability is also put to test. Loneliness, sadness, and hopelessness are identified as signs of depression that brings about withdrawal from people and friends. Friends being there counts!

It’s high time people talk about depression and seek medical attention from a psychologist. Let situations like suicide and drug abuse be handled, let these not be a shelter for depression. The earlier the better!

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