ONE ON ONE: With Cynthia Birir

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Cynthia Birir Campus Lady

Victor Ndede has banter with lady in campus who has her eyes fixated on the prize. Cynthia Birir talks about her goals and what she’s done to achieve them.

How would you describe briefly yourself?

I am a 22 year old very ambitious young lady currently undertaking my law degree at Moi University who believes that it is fallacious to limit yourself to the sky. I never give up on what I do and forward ever, backward never is the mantra I live by.

Cynthia Birir Campus LadyAs a lady in campus, did you set goals for the year? Perhaps for 2016?

Yes I do, in fact after 2015 which was a rough year I had to set goals for 2015. For 2016 definitely as a student I had to plan how to pass my 2nd year of study because as you know how the degree search can be tough. I also engage heavily in capacity building programmes and so my goal this year was to better my skills for I value the people I meet and speak to. I also desired to do french as foreign language but financial logistics did not suffice.

Besides law, I am also a human resource student which I furthered during the year. Along the year I met Lorraine Sibika whom brought the idea of “Wonder Mum Kenya” an empowerment platform for single mothers in campus. It is has been my goal to empower young ladies in campus. I also joined the Queen Sara Foundation which essentially raises awareness of breast and cervical cancer in women by encouraging ladies to go for screening and I have also engaged as volunteer for peer-peer sex education for the youth. So I can say I have achieved my goals up-to 90%.

Is it important for a lady in campus to have plans?

It is said that failing to plan is planning to fail. As a lady in campus it is very important that you plan from intellectual growth to spiritual growth. You know there are things that we desire as ladies but sitting in my room and being ordinary will bring me that which I desire, I have to be extra-ordinary. The question that I pose to myself is what harvest do I yield when the year comes to an end because obviously you can’t plant maize and harvest beans.

While taking stock, are there any challenges that abound in achievement of goals?

Everything we do in life has challenges, what’s important is how we work to surmount the challenges. Time is a very glaring challenge as I have to balance between school and other activities I have. Financial constraints really hinder especially where you need to move from one point to the other when opportunities to touch lives arise.

What encouragement do you have for ladies in campus while taking stock?

Intrinsic motivation is very essential in order to achieve, success starts with you before you enjoy extrinsic motivation. If you believe in yourself then nothing should stop you. Again choose the friends you have wisely, if your friends don’t make you better, drop them! Go beyond the selfies we take when we make networks. Don’t have a friend who looks for you on Fridays.

Parting shot…

I believe that everyone is gifted in a different way but some people never open their packages. We are often told to think outside the box, to me; think like there is no box. Become someone, do something and conquer everything! Quitting is never an option

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