One on One with Miss Rongo Contestant: Stephanie Sharon Okayo

Miss Rongo Consituency
Our next interviewee for the Miss Rongo Constituency beauty pageant is the 21 year old South Eastern Kenya University student Stephanie Sharon Okayo. The third year Agribusiness Management and Entreprice Development student from Migori County describes her Central Kamagambo Ward as a humble and had this to share regarding her vision of being the next Miss Rongo Constituency.
What inspired you to contest for Miss Rongo?
My inspiration to contest for miss Rongo constituency is my belief for change,my belief for a better tomorrow and the desire of being part of that gradual change.
I believe in what Rongo stands for that as our heritage is our wealth and I’d like to contribute with utmost confidence to the betterment of our constituency.
Why do you think you are the best model for the title?
I believe in myself. I believe I got the brains and the beauty too. I’m self confident and well prepared for any outcome of the pageantry.
If you win, what are your plans?
Well,winning will be such an honour and responsibility too. I’ve got plans majorly on the youths. Those who are determined to achieve greatness in future; those who aspire to be something in the future. If we work together, and start from scratch we will improve the social, economic and living standards of individuals in the constituency and even countrywide.
Have you participated in a beauty pageant before?
Yes,twice. Both were in school but no title won and I’m still bold and confident to press on.
For how long have you been modelling?
Let’s say 6 months.
Are you single or in a relationship?
I’m in a relationship at the moment.
Who is an ideal woman?
An ideal woman is someone that I find interesting, and can relate to on an intellectual level. I am not so much concerned about the level of education, but rather, the degree that she can engage with me and have intelligent discussions.
What’s your take on sponsors?
Sponsorship places family at risks of social violence, it causes loss of lives if the terms are not favorable.
Any word of advice to fellow students?
To all my fellow students, I urge you to accept the terms and conditions of education. Education has no short cut. You have to toil; you have to persevere the hardships and you have to set a goal that you must be determined to achieve.
Above all,respect yourselves,respect your dignity and know your worth. Don’t do something outrageous because others are doing it. Peer influence can be a total downfall. Have your own principles and live by them and above all pray, put God first in all that you do.
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