Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

One on One with Miss Rongo Contestant: Winnie Kagendo

Winnie Kagendo

As we draw near to the Miss Rongo beauty pageant, we continue with our interviews with the various contestants participating in the competition. Today we speak to the 20-year-old Winnie Kagendo. The third born from a family of give was born in Nakuru but raised and studied in Rongo. Her hobbies include modeling, traveling and acting. She is not in school currently but working in a holiday apartment but looking forward to joining University in January 2019 to pursue a degree in theatrics and modelling.

What principle do you live by?

I live by the principles of honesty and simplicity,highly dedicated and ambitious.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement so far is being a cast of a Luo comedy movie which will be aired soon in Ramogi TV.

What inspired you to contest for Miss Rongo?

What inspired me to contest for Miss Rongo is that apart from Rongo being my home for over 15 years, I saw it as an opportunity to showcase my talent.

Why do you think you are the best model for the title?

I know am the best model for the title because self determined,honest,hardworking highly principled and I have worked so hard to get here.

If you win, what are your plans?

Having the title of Miss Rongo is a huge responsibility, but it is also a huge blessing to me. I will have the opportunity to impact so many people in so many ways and being the mouthpiece for those who do not have large platforms and it will also be a testament to my hard work. It will also give me an amazing platform and opportunity to inspire young women out there to never let fear hinder them from reaching their goals.

Have you participated in a beauty pageant before?

I have participated in various beauty pageants in high school and also for Miss South Nyanza.

For how long have you been modelling?

I started having a passion for modelling for the last 4 years but this is my 2nd time to model in a contest.

Are you single or in a relationship?

I’m in a relationship.

What’s your take on sponsors?

My take on sponsors is that we girls should respect ourselves and know we are much more worth than the coins we are given by this sponsors. We are supposed to respect our background by being contented with what we are given by our parents since they are sacrificing their lives for us and if its about the money there is always a side hustle let’s just avoid shortcuts.

Any word of advice to fellow students?

My advice to my fellow students is to put God first in all their plans,stay focused and never let people define who you are and always work smart. My ideal woman is Ashley Graham,she has struggled being a model plus and she works incredibly hard,and she uses her talents as a model and her public platform to try to get women and young girls to be positive about their bodies,no matter what size they are.

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