One on One with Moi University’s Brigid Siantei

Brigid Siantei

Student leadership can already be challenging but for one to juggle that up with county and youth leadership responsibilities, they require to have some level of self-management. Brigid Siantei, a fourth year Bachelor of Arts Sociology student at Moi University had a one on one with us and spoke on different areas.

Who is Brigid Siantei?

She is a 21 year old girl born and raised in Kajiado County. A fourth year student pursuing Bachelor of Arts Sociology and currently a student leader at Moi University and a youth leader in my county. I’m a first born in a family of three. I am a goal oriented person who is aggressive, social,outgoing and confident.

What is on your list of New Year Resolutions?

a) Secure a vacancy for my industrial attachment in a well known NGO in the country.

b) Bring to light my small foundation that is aimed at supporting and motivating the girl child.

c)Alongside other prominent female leaders,do mentorship programmes in various primary and secondary schools in Kajiado county.

d)Attend more political and business forums.

Ever since being elected into the MUSO SGC, what are some of the challenges that you have encountered?

I have encountered various challenges this year but the biggest one has been balancing between School work, responsibilities, need to network and my social life.

Brigid Siantei is a Student Leader at Moi University and a Youth Leader in Kajiado County

What has been your biggest achievement ever since your election?

My biggest achievement this year has been getting an opportunity to attend the All African Students Union Summit that took place in Kigali, Rwanda. The summit was organized with the aim of educating leaders across Africa on the role of the youth in achieving the sustainable development goals.

How safe is the environment Moi University for female students?

The environment for female students is safe. This is because the university is located away from Eldoret town this curbing the chances that the female students will get involved in immoral practices. But at the same time it is not safe because most students do not reside in the school’s halls of residence. Therefore, they are not assured of security provided by the school since where the rentals are located is not part of the school land.

What is your fashion statement?

My fashion statement is a low one.I usually put on a pair of jeans or any type of trouser with a top and a coat.This is usually accompanied by a pair of heels and a handbag.

Must have items in your handbag….

ATM card, National Identity card, handkerchief, charger, wet wipes and earphones.

What is your take on campus relationships? Are you dating?

I’m not dating but I champion for campus relationships because I believe they provide time for partners to know and understand each other. It’s a good foundation for future or for marriage.

What is the one thing that campus life has taught you?

Campus has taught me to be a good manager for both time and finances.This is because I am involved in so much and I needed to know how to plan for my activities. As a campus student I have so many needs and that has also helped me to learn how to manage my finances to ensure that I don’t have troubles satisfying the needs.

What is the most expensive gift you have ever gifted yourself with?

I have recently bought myself a phone and it has made me feel so proud of myself because its the first time I am actually buying myself something.

Five years from today, where do you see yourself?

Five years from now I see myself holding or working in a government office.Whether a nominated senator or nominated member of parliament in Kajiado.

What advice do you have for campus ladies looking to vie for leadership positions?

My advice to ladies looking to vie for campus leadership position is that student leadership isn’t a walk in the path especially when you are a lady. You will get all sorts of criticism but that should not deter you from going after your dreams.

Do not let this men take up all these positions because its not written anywhere that the seats are meant for the men. Things that will keep them going is prayer, hard work and determination. That has kept me going and I am sure it will help the females.

What advice do you have for recent KCSE graduates looking to join college?

My advice to recent KCSE graduates is that they should be keen on whatever course they are going to pursue.They should research and inquire about the courses before selecting them.They should also take part in extra curricular activities and be keen on the friends they make immediately they get to campus.

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