One on One with Mr Rongo Contestant: Tom Odiwour

From today, we will be highlighting our interviews with the various contestants for the Mr and Miss Rongo Constituent beauty pageant. This will help you know the contestants better even as they seek to battle it out for the crown later this month.

Today, we start with the 23-year old Tom Odiwour.

What inspired you to contest for Mr Rongo 2018?

I was inspired to be Mr Rongo town because of the youths. Our youths are really suffering from lack of jobs and as time goes by they need something to do with their life. That is why you will get some just doing bad things in order for them to get a living.

I want to be come Mr. Rongo in order for me to help out my brothers and sisters to get a stable life by coming up with a plan and passing it to our bosses to make it happen.

Why do you think you are the best model for the title?

I know am the model for this title because I believe I was born a model and my best wish was always to help my people and put a smile on their faces no matter what it cost.

If you win, what are your plans?

If I win this title my first move is to go back to the people and say thanks for the support. Secondly, I will make sure I work with the officials to create jobs for the young stars and all to bring out the hidden talents of our people to reality.

Mr Rongo ContestantsMr Rongo Contestant’s Experience

Have you participated in a beauty pageant before?

I have participated in numerous beauty pageants and runway fashion shows. Even though I have taken part in lots of high fashion events, the last pageant I did was judging Mr and Miss Nairobi Aviation College in Kisumu and being part of contestants for Mr and Miss Kisumu Polytechnic.

For how long have you been modelling?

Yes, I have been modeling for the past three years since 2014 December.

Are you single or in a relationship?

I am Single

Who is your ideal woman?

My perfect woman is that lady who takes good care of her environment and animals. She should like making friends and easily taking parts in different initiative that can help society to grow. Well, obviously she has to be God fearing.

What’s your take on sponsors?

Sponsors are just normal people in our society that maybe sexually frustrated at there tender age and now trying to catch up in there prime time. To me it’s normal because you will have to be approached by them. At the end of the day our reactions matters, whether you wanna be used or not. Though working hard and focusing will make you handle such people in a well mannered because you all know the repercussions. I say NO to sponsors

Any word of advice to fellow students?

To my fellow students we are like foliage of a plant. We are propellers of a lovely initiative for the beautiful constituency and maybe country as a whole. We are collectively required to perform to our level best through creative ideas. Let’s work hard and focus on serious agendas that will promote our peace among us.

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