Overcome fat shaming by embracing body positivity

Fat shaming on campus

I know your body does not come anywhere close to that of your fellow women in Adverts. Neither does your gym sessions assure you that you will get there. But either way that’s your shape and fat shaming is still a vice.

For example, if you run a quick search on beauty, 7/10 of the results will show you petite and slim women,or the thick ones or anything society deems as beautiful.

Whoever came up with the notion that big girls are only good for sex; that they are only important during the cold weather; and that they are weak when it comes to standing up for themselves straight up lied.

However, this lie has led to so many negative memes and topics against the big bodied women. Fat shaming is such a common phenomenon that affects many campus women world wide.

I’ve seen men get into a relationship with a lady for the sake of proving to their peers that they won a trophy. Mind you that they will only use this “trophy” for sex and to satisfy their fetishes before dumping the lady.

After they’ve had enough; one morning, after spending the night with you, all of a sudden they start noticing your flaws. They want you to hit the gym and seemingly they are just not proud of you anymore. They even start fat shaming you publicly.

Self-love overcomes fat shaming

You get depressed and feel a growing sense of anger in you. You even start consuming a lot of feminist blogs and podcasts, and they talk about body positivity and self-love. Eventually, you feel really sensitive about desirability, through relationships and especially the way men have treated you as disposable.

There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just the way that you’ve been made to feel. It’s because you’ve absorbed so many images from the media. It’s not because you’re fat, it’s not because of you, it’s because of society’s impression of you. I agree that the attitude is ridiculous. A size 0 is a minority and I am afraid people tend to discriminate and fear those less common.

If you are comfortable with your body then let absolutely no one push you into losing weight. You alone get to make that decision. Liberate yourself from social norms, and the discrimination and negativity that comes alongside that.

Get a partner who will accept you as a human being whose worth is not defined by weight, appearance or health. A partner who makes no assumptions about why fat people are fat, or that they’re unhealthy. One who just ask you. Asks you how you feel about your body. A partner who is open-minded.

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